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Urijah Faber says T.J. Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male and then shifted the blame

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The messy and ugly divorce between UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw and Urijah Faber continued last night (Friday, Oct. 17, 2015) as Urijah Faber appeared on Inside MMA to talk about the breakup.

Faber said the entire ordeal began a month ago when he heard Dillashaw was being lured by coach "Bang" Ludwig to another fight team in Colorado. But when he confronted "Killashaw" about it the champ denied any plans to leave.

"And then about a week later we go out after practice to have lunch with Chad (Mendes) and T.J. and one of my other buddies," Faber told Bas Rutten and Ron Kruck. "And T.J. at the end of the meal was like, 'hey, I just want to let you know that I'm going to be doing my camp out in Colorado.'"

Although he admitted that the news Dillashaw would be joining Elevation Fight Team took him by surprise, Faber insists he was fine with it. It all went south, apparently when Dillashaw tried to "turn himself into a victim."

Faber says that at first Dillashaw told him that he'd continue to visit and train at Team Alpha Male since he owns a house in Sacramento, but soon decided that could be a problem with Dillashaw scouting other fighters in his weight class who may one day face the champ.

He added that he also doesn't want to set an example where members of his gym can simply be "bought off" by other teams.

With Dillashaw now gone, it will also be easier on the rest of the team since they won't have to deal with his "brutal" training regimen.

"He had a temper in practice, he can elevate things and he isn't always the most considerate when it comes to other people's well-being," Faber explained.

But for the most part, the "California Kid" says Dillashaw probably feels bad about leaving a great team and is now just "trying to make somebody the bad guy".

Although it looks like this divorce outside the cage is just about wrapped up, one can't help but think that these two might one day get to settle their differences inside one.

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