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Golovkin vs Lemieux fight live stream results, play-by-play updates tonight

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To watch Gennady Golovkin vs. David Lemieux full fight video highlights from last night RIGHT NOW click here.

Hold onto your butts!

Two of the most devastating punchers in all of boxing will duke it out this TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 17, 2015) when Gennady Golovkin looks to extend his knockout streak to an absurd 21 at the expense of Canadian bomber David Lemieux in the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden in New York, New York. will deliver LIVE coverage of "Glolovkin vs. Lemieux" below, starting with the HBO pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast that begins at 9 p.m. ET.

It has been seven years and nearly four months since someone last went the distance with Golovkin (33-0, 30 KO). The Kazakh bruiser hit the HBO airwaves back in 2012 with a five-round drubbing of Grzegorz Proksa and hasn't looked back, becoming one of the sport's biggest stars while leaving absolute destruction in his wake.

Lemieux (34-2, 31 KO) left his native Canada for the first time in Dec. 2014, blowing out former Golovkin victim Gabe Rosado in 10 rounds and, in the process, doing what "GGG" couldn't: Knocking down Rosado. He scored a decision over Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam in June to earn the IBF Middleweight title, knocking down N'Dam four times in the process.

Golovkin and Lemieux will compete in a Middleweight world title unification match.

The co-main event features arguably the best fighter in the entire sport, three-division champion Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez (43-0, 37 KO), against hard-hitting veteran Brian "Hawaiian Punch" Viloria (36-4, 22 KO) at Flyweight. Gonzalez made his HBO debut in May with a two-round thrashing of the very capable Edgar Sosa and tops many critics' pound-for-pound lists. Viloria, meanwhile, has won 10 of his last 11 matches, including a stoppage of the notoriously-durable Giovani Segura.

Rounding out the PPV are a Heavyweight clash between Luis Ortiz (22-0, 19 KO) and Matias Ariel Vidondo (20-1-1, 18 KO) and a Middleweight bout between Tureano Johnson (18-1, 13 KO) and Eamonn O'Kane (14-1-1, 5 KO) to determine the main event winner's next IBF mandatory.


Middleweight Championship: Gennady Golovkin vs. David Lemieux by TKO at 1:32 of Round Eight

Flyweight Championship: Roman Gonzalez def. Brian Viloria by TKO at 2:53 of Round Nine

Heavyweight: Luis Ortiz def. Matias Ariel Vidondo by KO at 0:17 of Round Three

Middleweight: Tureano Johnson def. Eamonn O'Kane by unanimous decision (118-108, 117-109, 119-107)


Gennady Golovkin vs. David Lemieux

Round one: Golovkin sticking out the jab to good effect early. More solid jabs making Lemieux's appalling haircut flop around. One minute in. Lemieux tries a right to the body, falls short. The jabs continue to pile up. Lemieux to the body with the right. One minute to go. GGG just misses with a chopping right, goes to the body in the corner. 1-2 by Golovkin. Lemieux just misses with a right cross, lands a right to the body. Right hand upstairs by Lemieux. More sledgehammer jabs by Golovkin, then a right to the  body. Left hook exchange. 10-9 Golovkin.

Round two: Good 1-3 by Golovkin, who's come out much more aggressively. Right hand from GGG. Nice jab snaps Lemieux's head back. Lead hook from GGG, yet more jabs. Lemieux with a jab, then body shots. Counter hook from Golovkin. Brilliant jabs by Golovkin. One minute in. Both just miss with hooks. Lemieux digs a right to the  body. Nasty jabs by Golovkin. 2-3 lands, then a 1-2. Lemieux to the body. One minute in. Lemieux falling short with the vast majority of his punches. Golovkin moving well, another good jab. Left to the body fro Golovkin, then a combination to the head that backs Lemieux to the ropes. Golovkin's jab is owning this fight almost by itself. 1-3 lands, then a straight right hand from GGG. Left hook off the top of Lemieux's head. 20-18 Golovkin.

Round three: Golovkin's boxing acumen is on another level. More snapping jabs. Counter right lands for Lemieux. The Canadian backs him up, can't land clean. One minute in. Uppercut and right cross by Golovkin. Lemieux's game and throwing heat but he can't close the distance. Golovkin backs him to the ropes, lands a left hook. Lemieux left hook misses. Body shot and uppercut by Golovkin, then another powerful jab. Clinch. One minute to go. Lemieux just can't reach him. Jabs from Lemieux, Golovkin answers with better ones. Left hook lands for GGG before the bell. 30-27 Golovkin.

Round four: Those jabs continue to pile up. Right to the body, right to the head from Golovkin. Lemieux continuing to fall short, but starting to fire his own jab. Body shot from Lemieux. One minute in. Lemieux with a right to the body. Yet more jabs by Golovkin. Left hook from Lemieux. BIG left hook by Golovkin, then a 1-1-2 and Golovkin is on the attack. Right hand, left hook. Lemieux throws back, gets rattled on the ropes. One minute to go. Lemieux waves him on, eats a right hand. He's throwing with Golovkin; it's his only chance. Right to the body by Golovkin. Lemieux seems steady. Left hook from Lemieux. Another one that draws a shrug from Golovkin. GGG lands an uppercut before the bell. 40-36 Golovkin.

Round five: Lemieux is still in there, but eats an uppercut. 2-3 from GGG. Lemieux jabbing, eating bigger ones from the Kazakh champ. More jabs from golovkin, Lemieux answers and fires a right to the body. Lead right by Golovkin. One minute in. Golovkin slips a right around the guard. Left hook lands, then a nastu uppercut behind a jab. 2-3 lands clean for Lemieux. GGG backs him off with more jabs. Right to the body, left hook to the head. One minute to go. Things slow dick a bit. As I type that, Golovkin lands a nasty left hook to the body that forces Lemieux to take a knee, then a right hand before the ref can separate them. The Canadian manages to make it to his feet and survive the onslaught. 50-44 Golovkin.

Round six: Golovkin comes out throwing heat, landing jabs and right hands. Lemieux is throwing back in desperation. Clinch. Another good jab and right hand from GGG. 1-1-2 lands. Good left hook by Lemieux and he goes on the attack until he's clinched. Golovkin with a right to the body. One minute in. Another left hook by Lemieux. Golovkin digs a hook downstairs, then to the head. Clinch. 1-2-3, straight right from Golovkin. He backs Lemiex to the ropes, Lemieux pushes him back with a right. One minute in. Good body shot from Lemieux. Golovkin with some nice jabs, puts a right hand behind it. Cross counter by Golovkin. Nasty left hook, Lemieux cracks him with one of his own. Right by Lemieux. Golovkin ends the round with a nice uppercut. 60-53 Golovkin.

Round seven: Golovkin's jab continues to pile up. Golovkin digs a right to the body and avoids a rush from Lemieux. Nice right by Golovkin. Lead right lands for Golovkin. One minute in. The doctor steps in to take a look at Lemieux's nose, sends him back out.  Good left hook from GGG, then a right cross. They exchange inside. Lemieux throwing heaters, runs into a jab. 2-3 by GGG. Good straight right downstairs form the Canadian, then a hook up top. Golovkin cracks him with a right cross as Lemieux throws. One minute to go. Another right by Gennady, then some more jabs. Body shots from Golovkin. More jabs from Golovkin until the bell. 70-62 Golovkin.

Round eight: Golovkin walking him down. More hard jabs. Lemieux eats an uppercut. The jabs continue to pile up. Short upper by Lemieux. One minute in. Nice body shot by Golovkin. Right hand and left hook up top. Lemieux lands a hard right hand, Golovkin slams him with an uppercut and goes to the body. Lemieux's hurt again and the referee steps in to end the beating.

Final result: Golovkin def. Lemieux by TKO


Roman Gonzalez vs. Brian Viloria

Round one: Time for TINY VIOLENCE.

Viloria comes out aggressively, landing to the body and backing Gonzalez up. Left hook on the exit. Right downstairs, then a left hook to the body. Gonzalez has yet to throw. One minute in. Now he sticks out his jab. Body shot from Viloria, then a right downstairs soon after. Jab, uppercut, body shot by Gonzalez. One minute to go. Left hook up top and a right to the body by Viloria, then a straight right up top. Left hook from Viloria, uppercut and straight right from Gonzalez. 2-3 lands for the champ at the bell. 10-9 Viloria.

Round two: Vilria continuing to press forward. Good defense by Gonzalez so far. Double left hook, second one lands. Viloria remaining active, not much coming back from Gonzalez. One minute in. Straight right by Viloria, who's landed a few to the body. Shovel hook by Chocolatito. Body shot from Gonzalez, than an overhand right. Good combination inside, including a hook to the body. Right hand by Gonzalez upstairs. Nice body shot, then a combination that ends with a straight right. Gonzalez starting to land well. Viloria to the body. One minute to go. 1-2 downstairs by Viloria. Straight right from Gonzalez. Right to the body lands, Viloria sneaks in an uppercut. Clinch. Left hook to the body by Gonzalez, right by VIloria and a series of left hooks. Gonzalez with some hard blows inside. 19-19.

Round three: Viloria lands a right downstairs. They exchange inside, both men land good punches. BIG counter right from Gonzalez and VIloria's right glove touches canvas. That's a knockdown. Viloria comes back and eats some savage combinations. Gonzalez on the attack and landing some brilliant punches. One minute in. Left hook by Gonzalez. Uppercuts by Gonzalez. Viloria comes back to the body, eats a sweeping right. Viloria with a right downstairs. Gonzalez with a combination. 1-2-3, the 3 lands. One minute to go. Straight right from Viloria. Viloria digging inside with short punches. Nice left hook to the body. Gonzalez comes back with a combination. Savage uppercuts by Gonzalez. They trade body shots. 1-2 by Gonzalez. Hell of a round. 29-27 Gonzalez.

Round four: Viloria continuing to throw. Nice right hand from VIloria. Gonzalez wiht a right downstairs, Viloria answers. Hook to the body by Viloria. Body shot from Gonzalez, then a nice combination. Left uppercut sneaks through. Counter flurry from Viloria and he may have hurt Gonzalez. Gonzalez gets his legs back. Halfway through the round. Gonzalez backs him up near the ropes and cracks him with a right cross after some body shots. Viloria with a right downstairs. Clinch. Body shot from Viloria. One minute to go. Brutal combination by Gonzalez on the ropes. Short left hook lands for him, then a right cross to the head. Good shots by Gonzalez on the inside. Viloria with a left hook as he's getting hit. Left uppercut by Viloria, who eats a body shot and lands a couple of his own. 38-37 Gonzalez.

Round five: Viloria staying busy with his left hand. Good body shot from Viloria. Combination from Gonzalez. 1-2, then an uppercut. Right hand as they pivot from Gonzalez, then another combination through the guard. Body shot, lead right hand. Uppercut, body shots. 1-2 lands. Uppercuts, body shot. Body shots, 2-3, body shots. One minute in. Gonzalez putting the screws to him this round. Clinch. More hard combinations. Viloria digs a left to the body, eats a long sequence of punches. One minute to go. Clinch. Body shot by Villoria, Gonzalez answers but eats a right upstairs. Lead right by Gonzalez, then body shots and a left up top. Uppercuts and hooks by Gonzalez inside. Hard uppercuts and hooks from VIloria, Gonzalez lands some hard blows in the last seconds. 48-46 Gonzalez.

Round six: Right to the body from Gonzalez, Viloria answers in kind. Viloria staying busy this round, eats a 1-2 and uppercut. Body shot exchange. Hard right hands from Viloria, left uppercut by Gonzalez. Hard 1-2 begins a combo from Gonzalez. One minute in. 1-2, combination from Gonzalez. Body shot exchange, Gonzalez splits the guard. Viloria with a right to the body, Gonzalez comes back with a left hook. Right cross by Gonzalez, then to the body. One minute to go. Long combination by Gonzalez. Viloria giving back but eating some nasty shots. Left hook to the body from VIloria as the storm of offense from Gonzalez continues. 58-55 same.

Round seven: Gonzalez sneaks in some uppercuts through the guard. Hard right cross inside. Left to the body, uppercut upstairs. Nice straight right lands, then another combo on the ropes. 1-2-uppercut-left hook. One minute in. Gonzalez really going to work on him. Uppercuts, right hands. Lead right from Gonzalez. Right uppercut, left hook. More beautiful combinations. One minute to go. Hard body shot as he turns Viloria. Viloria with a right downstairs. More combinations by Gonzalez. Viloria punches with him for a bit. They trade body shots. 1-2 from Viloria. Gonzalez pursues until the bell. 68-64 Gonzalez.

Round eight: Gonzalez throws to the  body. Nasty combination from Viloria. They're exchanging at close rage and Gonzalez is getting the better of it. Nice hook to the body, then a combo upstairs. Another, Viloria comes back with a left hook. One minute in. They trade to the body. Uppercuts by Gonzalez in combination. Nasty right cross. Another right cross. His combinations continue to land. Hard right cross. Another lead right. One minute to go. Body hook. Gonzalez unloading on Viloria in the corner. Viloria backs him up to the ropes, lands a right and a right hook. Viloria does some decent work before the bell. 78-73 Gonzalez.

Round nine: The doctor takes a look at Viloria before the round starts.

Hawaiian Punch is still game, but he's getting dominated at this point. More combos by Gonzalez. Viloria with a long right to the body. Gonzalez with some hard right hands. Nasty combo near the corner. Body shot by Viloria. One minute in. Combo by Viloria. Another combo by Gonzalez. Long lead right. He's just tearing holes in VIloria's guard by Viloria backs him off with some hard shots to the body. More body work. One minute to go. Combination from Gonzalez after a long pause. Back to work, chopping right connects for the champion. Nasty body shot begins a combo from Gonzalez. Viloria's legs are not there and Gonzalez is pursuing him on the ropes. Another volley punches through Viloria's guard and the referee steps in. Another offensive masterpiece from Roman Gonzalez.

Final result: Gonzalez def. Viloria by TKO


Luis Ortiz vs. Matias Ariel Vidondo

Round one: Vidondo backs him to the ropes, can't land clean. Ortiz comes up short with body punches. Overhand left from Ortiz, then a straight to the body. One minute in. Jab from Ortiz, clinch. Left to the body lands. 1-2-3 from Vidondo. One minute to go. 3-2 by Ortiz, left hook from Vidondo. Ortiz with an overhand left. Another. Left hook by Vidondo. Hard straight left connects. Another one before the bell. 10-9 Ortiz.

Round two: Ortiz pressing forward, lands a straight to the body. 2-3 to the body. Overhand left lands inside as Vidondo tries to throw. Straight right lands for the Argentinian. Stiff jab catches Vidondo. One minute in. Right hook downstairs by Ortiz, then a left. Hard overhand left begins a combo from Ortiz. Another good combo, then a left to the body. Counter, straight left by Ortiz. Left hook from Vidondo inside. One minute to go. Ortiz sticking out his jab, left downstairs. More solid jabs, brief clinch. Three-piece combo knocks Vidondo back and he runs smack into a right hook on the way back. He goes down hard, but makes it to his feet. Ortiz to the body, then upstairs with a 1-2 before the bell. 20-17 Ortiz.

Round three: Ortiz pops him with a straight to the body, then one to the head that sends the Argentinian down face-first. The ref doesn't even bother to count.

Final result: Ortiz def. Vidondo by knockout


Tureano Johnson vs. Eamonn O'Kane

Round one: O'Kane rocking some serious bacne. I feel your pain, bro.

Johnson comes out swinging, landing some hard combinations to the body. Ncie uppercuts by Johnson as they work forehead-to-forehead. O'Kane lands a couple of hooks. Body shot. Nasty sequence of right hooks from Johnson and again. One minute in. O'Kane to the body, but he's getting the worst of it so far. Body shots, straight right up top. Overhand left rattles O'Kane. Double right hook and another looping left back O'Kane off. Double right hook yet again and O'Kane goes to his knees. He manages to make it up. Hard left by Johnson, then more right hooks. One minute to go. Johnson to the body, then up top with right hooks. Hard left downstairs, then more right hooks and O'Kane goes down again. O'Kane has zero answer for that punch. Two-piece from O'Kane, right hook by Johnson after he stands. Left hook from O'Kane. Johnson is taking a few punches but overall kicking his ass. 10-7 Johnson.

Round two: Right back to the center. Two right hooks and uppercuts by Johnson as they trade inside. Clinch. O'Kane rips to the body, eats a left hook and body shots. Good exchanges at close range, Johnson is by far the  bigger hitter. Right hooks, shift, left hooks. O'Kane's punches are not making an impact. One minute in. Solid shots, Johnson comes back with a left hook. Triple right hand. Simultaneous right hands, left hook by Johnson. O'Kane continues to go for the body in this phone booth fight. O'Kane getting away with some low blows. One minute to go. O'Kane pressing him against the ropes. Right hands from Johnson. Johnson landing well on the back foot but giving ground. Body trade. O'Kane with a combo to end the round. 20-16 Johnson.

Round three: To his credit, O'Kane is undeterred. Hard straight left by Johnson, then that clubbing right hook. Lead left lands. Double hook to the body, left hook by O'Kane. Johnson pops him with a straight left. One minute to go. Left hand from O'Kane, clinch. Nice shots from Johnson inside, O'Kane with a combo. O'Kane struggling to get away from the right hand. They trade body shots. And again. Right cross by Johnson, uppercut. O'Kane responds to the body and lands a left hook. One minute to go. Double upper by Johnson. Left hook lands. combination from O'Kane after taking some right hands. Body shots exchange. Cuffing right after O'Kane tags the body. Johnson sneaks in a couple more uppercuts before the bell. 30-25 Johnson.

Round four: Johnson's been switching stance, opens in southpaw. Body shots by Johnson. O'Kane digs to the body and comes up with a left hook. Yet more nasty right hooks by Johnson. This is fascinating how often he lands that punch. One minute in. Straight left from Johnson, then another. Straight left, right hooks. O'Kane bangs to the body and comes up with a left hook. Double right from O'Kane. Clinch. Clinch. One minute to go. Double left hook by Johnson, then some swatting right hands and body shots. Uppercut, then both rip to the body. Uppercut by Johnson, then another. Cuffing right hand. Double right by Johnson, then a left hook. 40-34 Johnson.

Round five: 2-3 by Johnson. Another straight left, O'Kane goes to the body and moves him to the ropes. Johnson comes back to the body. Double left hook from Johnson, who continues having his way on the inside. Uppercuts and left hook as O'Kane goes downstairs. One minute in. Both men are content to trade at close range, but Johnson's landing more and landing harder. Cuffing right by Johnson. Nice right downstairs by O'Kane. O'Kane continues to go downstairs. He manages to keep Johnson in the corner for a while. One minute to go. O'Kane with a right downstairs. Double left hook by Johnson, O'Kane with a couple of his own. O'Kane moves him to the ropes and they exchange. 2-3 by Johnson at the bell. 50-43 Johnson.

Round six: Right hook by Johnson to start. Left hook lends, then a right hook. O'Kane continues to bully his way forward and bang away to the body. Johnson's winding up on the ropes quite often. Multiple right hands in a row by Johnson. Double right in the center. One minute in. More right hands by Johnson. O'Kane to the body. O'Kane's just eating way too many punches for this to work. Clinch. Nice left hook by O'Kane on the ropes. 3-2-2 by Johnson. One minute to go. Double left hook from Johnson. O'Kane takes him to the corner and digs away. Nice right hands by Johnson, then a left hook. Straight right from O'Kane. Double right hand from Johnson, O'Kane opens up in return. 60-52 Johnson.

Round seven: 2-3 by Johnson to the head. Another hard straight left. Right hook connects. Another straight left, O'Kane comes back inside. Swatting right by Johnson. counter left lands for him. One minute in. Both land rights to the body. Left hook connects. Straight right, clinch. Clinch. 2-3 connects. One minute to go. Straight left by O'Kane, then a series of right hooks stagger him. They clinch. Both dig to the body. Clinch. More right hooks from Johnson. 2-1 by O'Kane, who opens up near the corner. 70-61 Johnson.

Round eight: Johnson lands a straight left, eats a flurry from O'Kane. Double right hook from Johnson, then a third. They engage inside. O'Kane gets him to the corner, eats some nasty shots. Clinch. Both to the body, right hands up top from Johnson. Johnson continues to chip away as O'Kane takes him to the ropes. One minute in. Johnson landing  better with his back on the ropes than O'Kane is on the outside. O'Kane moves him to the corner, eats an uppercut. O'Kane with a right downstairs, eats more hooks upstairs. One minute to go. O'Kane is game as hell but Johnson's punches are visibly and audibly harder. Left hook by O'Kane, double right hook and uppercut by Johnson. Good sequence of right hands and a left hook as O'Kane opens up with a flurry. 80-70 Johnson.

Round nine: Straight left from Johnson and they go back to exchanging inside. Right hooks by Johnson, straight right from O'Kane. Double right hands again. O'Kane with a right inside, Johnson comes back with several in sequence. One minute to go. Body shot exchange. Left hook exchange, right hook by Johnson. O'Kane's defense is nonexistent. Double uppercut by Johnson, then another. One minute to go. O'Kane getting outslugged despite Johnson's back being on the ropes. Right hand on the pivot by Johnson, O'Kane goes to the body. Johnson sneaks in some left hooks while eating body shots. O'Kane flurries, eats a 2-3 at the bell. 90-79 Johnson.

Round ten: Right hooks from Johnson. Straight left, O'Kane comes back to the body. More close-range exchanges. Good straight left and uppercut. Right hook trips up O'Kane. Another right hook and another and a third by Johnson. 2-3 lands. Stiff jab by O'Kane. Right hook from Johnson. Hard hook to the body, O'Kane answers. One minute in. Uppercuts by Johnson, double right up top, uppercut, straight right, 1-2. Johnson is kicking his ass right now. Right hook, uppercut, straight left, right hook. Double right hook. Straight left, triple right hook. Left hook from southpaw, then another right hook. One minute to go. Left hook by O'Kane, double right hook by Johnson. Four-piece combo from O'Kane, then they trade right hands. O'Kane to the body in the corner, eats some right hands. Johnson lands a hard right at the bell. 100-88 Johnson.

Round eleven: Straight left by Johnson, O'Kane comes back with a combo. Four-piece by O'Kane. O'Kane trying to open up in the corner. They trade to the body. Double right cross from Johnson, clinch. One minute in. Jabs from O'Kane. Uppercut from Johnson, then another and a left hook. O'Kane very active this round, Johnson somewhat conservative but still landing good punches. One minute to go. O'Kane to the body in the corner. Left hook by O'Kane, then a combination. Johnson with some hooks in response but O'Kane's volume is winning the round. 3-2 by Johnson as O'Kane continues to throw on the ropes. He wins this round on volume. 109-98 Johnson.

Round twelve: Clinch. Johnson has apparently broken the middleweight limit fro punches landed. O'Kane continues to advance. Johnson lands some sharp counters. One minute in. Left uppercut backs Johnson off. Johnson more active in the exchanges. Stiff jab from Johnson. O'Kane with an uppercut, eats a combination in return. Johnson continuing to bounce hard shots off his head. One minute to go. O'Kane still isn't stopping, futile as it is. Uppercuts from Johnson, clinch. Left hook from O'Kane, who keeps throwing until the bell. 119-107 Johnson.

Final result: Johnson def. O'Kane by unanimous decision