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More UFC fighters announce they were released as rumors circulate about massive cull to roster

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On the heels of the announcement that The Ultimate Fighter: Season 19 winner Eddie Gordon has received a Friday pink slip from UFC, several other fighters have taken to social media to share their own bad news.

Roger Narvaez, 7-2 and 1-2 UFC, took to Twitter to reveal he's also been let go:

It's hard times for former Resurrection Fighting Alliance lightweight champion Christos Giagos as well, sharing on Instagram that UFC is overbooked and needed to cut some fighters. The 11-4 mixed martial artist sounded upbeat, however, citing his still young age of 25.

Some fighters were surprised to learn they were being turfed, as Matt Van Buren shared his disappointment publicly on Twitter. Although he was scheduled to fight Jonathan Wilson on Aug. 8, 2015 at UFC Fight Night 74, Van Buren opted to sit out due to an injury. That may very well have cost him his chance to return to the Octagon any time soon.

As many as 50 more cuts are rumored to be coming in the near future, due in no small part to a Swedish website that's currently being shared among MMA insiders. Google translates:

According to UFC sources close to MMAnytt, the organization will do away with 50 fighters over the weekend. The organization currently has around 560 fighters under contract. Which fighters will lose their contracts is currently unclear, but they are expected to get their statements on Monday and Tuesday next week.

If true, it sounds like Gordon, Van Buren and Giagos got an early heads up.

A periodic culling is par for the course for UFC, who released 10 fighters in June, 14 in July, 13 in September and even four earlier this month in a shakeup that included the talented Ramsey Nijem. But to remove 50 from the ranks at once would be quite the fallout.

The phone lines of Bellator MMA, World Series of Fighting and One FC could be jammed next week.


Conor McGregor's first UFC victim also got the axe today:

Veteran welterweight and knockout artist Chris Clements received his walking papers moments later.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Apparently I just got released from <a href="">@ufc</a>. It was my goal to compete there and I did it!</p>&mdash; Chris Clements (@menaceclements) <a href="">October 17, 2015</a></blockquote>

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