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Video: New training footage surfaces of Fedor Emelianenko -- and he's JACKED

I've got bad news for all you doubting Thomases who were crying about a potential drop to light heavyweight for Fedor Emelianenko, who is expected to make his long-awaited return to mixed martial arts (MMA) on New Year's Eve in Japan.

"The Last Emperor" is JACKED.

That doesn't mean the former PRIDE FC heavyweight champion is clomping around the gym like a puffed up bodybuilder; on the contrary, he's thick and swole like a log-chucking lumberjack. It's no wonder he's fighting a bow-legged tomato can on Dec. 31.

No one else had the guts to challenge him!

That probably explains why he passed on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and its thin roster of ho-hum heavyweights. Sources I don't have and didn't speak to report that Emelianenko was tired of waiting for someone to sack up and call him out.

Their loss!

Thanks to the gang at Middle Easy for the video.

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