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Georges St-Pierre offers to help 'charismatic' Nick Diaz ... as long as he doesn't embarrass him

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"Rush" to the rescue!

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is having trouble finding anyone siding with its decision to suspend Nick Diaz for a five-year period after failing his UFC 183 drug test for marijuana.

Full details here.

Joining the long list of members of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community who have voiced their displeasure at the suspension is none other than former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre.

"Rush" recently told Quebec's RDS network that he believes the NSAC simply wanted to make an example of Diaz to prove it would no longer take failed drug tests lightly. Still, St-Pierre finds the five-year penalty a bit harsh when compared to other sentences.

His words (via MMA Fighting):

"Personally, I think five years is too much. Especially when you think about Anderson Silva and other guys who were doping and received a lighter suspension compared to [Diaz]. I think they wanted to make an example out of him to send a message because he's a colorful character who talks a lot and makes a lot of noise. They wanted to make an example out of him like they did in the Olympics with Marion Jones, for example. Unfortunately, it fell on him, but I think everyone is entitled to a second chance."

Or a third ... or fourth.

Despite their rocky history, St-Pierre holds no ill will toward Diaz, declaring that if he can somehow lend a helping hand in his fight against the NSAC, he'll gladly do it.

On one condition:

"Nick is a very charismatic guy. A lot of people talk about him. But, he isn't someone I hate. I hold no ill will toward him. Several things were said before our fight, but it was purely from a sporting perspective. I didn't take any of it personally. We need a guy like him in this sport and I hope he will return soon. If I can help him in one or another, without embarrassing me, it would be a pleasure for me to do. I like him a lot and I wish him all the best."

St-Pierre can start by putting his John Hancock right here.