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UFC lightweight 'Phenom' puts Sage Northcutt on blast, wants to crumble 'rich, privileged white boy'

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight newcomer Sage Northcutt is the toast of the mixed martial arts (MMA) town.

But not everyone is impressed.

That includes veteran lightweight Kevin Lee, perhaps better known to combat sports fans as "The Motown Phenom." And if the 23-year-old dynamo has any say in the promotion's matchmaking, he'll end Northcutt's UFC career just as quickly as it started.

From his conversation with MMA Junkie Radio:

"I think Sage shuts down after the first round. I think as soon I get in there, hit him a couple of times, he shuts down. I don't think this kid has ever been through anything. I just know he's a rich, privileged white boy, and as soon as he gets in there and gets hit and sees some adversity thrown into his face, I think he's going to crumble. I think I'm a better striker than him. I damn sure know I'm a better wrestler than him, so I think I can beat him everywhere. I hope he's listening in so he can hear me, he can hear what I'm saying about him. I'm going to call (UFC matchmaker) Joe (Silva) as soon as I get off the phone with you guys. We can do it at (UFC) 194. He'll live the shortest career that the UFC has known."

Lee (11-1) is currently paired with Leonardo Santos for UFC 194.

Northcutt took the MMA world by storm with a blistering, first-round technical knockout win over Francisco Trevino at UFC 192 earlier this month in Houston, Texas (video), reinforcing all the praise he received after being discovered by promotion president Dana White.

But that just means he's got a target on his back and it sounds like Lee is aiming for the bullseye.