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UFC phenom Sage Northcutt headed to Montreal to train at Tristar gym, meet Georges St-Pierre

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Whether or not it's full time, remains to be seen.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Nineteen-year old mixed martial arts (MMA) wunderkind, Sage Northcutt, has already proven he has the chops to take care of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) business, blitzing right through Francisco Trevino in his Octagon debut at UFC 192 a few weeks ago in Houston, Texas.

Watch highlights from the 57-second beatdown here.

Now, the up-and-coming fighter looks to sharpen his skills, as the karate expert is headed to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to train with famed Tristar gym, home of former Welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre.

During his recent stop at "The MMA Hour," Northcutt says the initial visit will be a feeling out process that could potentially turn into full-time membership.

"I leave tomorrow morning actually to go to Canada. I'm going up there to check it out and see how it goes to see if it's fit for me. But, my jiu-jitsu coaches right now are Chris Mango and Ted with Gracie Baja, they are awesome. I also have school, too, so I can't actually go up there and live there, but, I get to go up there for a week or so and check it out and see how it goes. They (coaches at Tri-Star) mentioned something that they heard about my fights and obviously, I always talk about how Georges St-Pierre is my favorite fighter and I look up to him. So, I think it's perfect timing, that I get to go down there and train with them and meet them. It's going to be incredible. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not nervous, I'm pumped and excited. I heard (Georges) will be there a few days during the week, so, it might be three or four days, I'm just excited to see him even if it's just one day."

Northcutt -- who is a Petroleum Engineering major at Texas A&M University -- admits he's looking forward to meeting and possibly sharing some mat time with St-Pierre, the man he labels his all-time favorite MMA fighter.

If all goes well, Northcutt could train alongside "Rush" and the rest of the Tristar crew full-time moving forward, meaning the chances of this prediction coming true could increase exponentially.