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Nevada deputy attorney general reviewing allegations that Jon Jones lied under oath regarding Nike deal

Pile on!

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Prior to his most recent title defense against bitter rival Daniel Cormier, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones insisted that government officials had nothing on him when it came to allegations that he lied under oath.

It would seem the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) does not share his opinion, according to MMA Fighting:

The Nevada deputy attorney general is reviewing whether or not Jones perjured himself under oath at the hearing. NAC executive director Bob Bennett said the commission is aware of Jones' comments prior to UFC 182 and the matter has been sent up the ladder.

"They're considering it for review," Bennett said. "It's nothing new to us... It would be concerning if anyone lied during testimony."

Jones appeared at a NSAC disciplinary hearing in late 2014 to answer for his role in the infamous UFC 178 media day brawl in Las Vegas (watch it here). When determining his punishment, commissioners took into consideration Jones' testimony about losing his sponsorship with Nike over the public dust-up (his words), as well as the financial ramifications consequential to that loss.

"Bones" later downplayed that version of his contract dissolution -- complete with apology -- and offered this one instead.

Then came the questions about lying under oath and once again, Jones was forced to explain himself (see his final words on the matter here). While he feels satisfied with the way things unfolded, the powers-that-be aren't ready to seal the file just yet.

Talk about a rough month for the champ.

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