UFC signs 'Irish' Joe Duffy, the last man to defeat featherweight contender Conor McGregor

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

To date, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hasn't been able to find someone on the ZUFFA roster capable of defeating Irish mixed martial arts (MMA) sensation Conor McGregor, who continues to terrorize the featherweight division unabated.

So it did the next best thing and took from someone else's roster.

That's where it found Joseph Duffy, 12-1 with 11 finishes, who returned from a three-year stint in the "sweet science" to win consecutive fights for Cage Warriors Fighting Championship (CWFC).

So ... what's the big deal?

"Irish Joe" is the last man to defeat McGregor, who as it stands, is one win away from a featherweight title shot. Assuming Duffy -- who makes his Octagon debut this spring, according to The Score -- can win a pair of fights and cement himself as "UFC caliber," we may get to see a year-end rematch.

Here's what happened the first time around.

Things just got very interesting in the UFC 145-pound division.

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