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Rampage Jackson threatens to countersue Bellator MMA for $20 million after bolting for UFC

Sue me? Sue you!

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

It seems lawsuits are all the rage these days.

After Bellator MMA president Scott Coker took a vow of silence regarding the departure of Quinton Jackson to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), saying he would let his lawyers do the talking; "Rampage" has stepped up with a rebuttal of his own.

According to his comment to FOX Sports, Jackson is adamant Coker's bark is more vicious than his bite, and he doesn't anticipate the Viacom-owned mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion will do anything for abandoning his contract.

But just in case he's wrong, he already has a countersuit ready to go if they want to get into a legal battle.

His words:

"I don't think Bellator going to put up a big fuss because if they try to sue me I could countersue them for probably $10-20 million. So, if they was smart, they would just let me walk away and be happy ... I wish I could show you guys the contract. I just think Scott Coker, he felt bad because he got caught lying."

Of course, another legal battle is probably the last thing UFC wants to be involved with, so maybe cooler heads will prevail and a mutual agreement can be reached between both parties.

As far as Jackson's return to the Octagon, there is no exact timetable as to when he will make his re-debut. One thing is certain, "Rampage" plans on adding the excitement factor that the Las Vegas, Nevada-based promotion is lacking.

His words:

"I think the UFC needs a little bit more excitement. I've been following a little bit and it's been kind of boring. I think a lot of fans have missed out ... it needs a little personality. I don't know what's going on over here."

Jackson's main concerns over the years had to do with what he deems as getting taken advantage of, dating back to his days in PRIDE FC.  While he can't offer up a remedy for himself or other fighters to prevent that from happening, Jackson says negotiations with UFC CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta, went very well this time around.

"The first fight that you guys never see is between the fighter and the promoter. That's something that's always going to be there. I learned that aspect of the game. When I was in PRIDE, that was the last thing they wanted me to know -- how many toys I sold, how many T-shirts I sold ... sometimes people are just not fair in terms of business. What you've got to do is not get taken advantage of so much. It's the nature of the beast. I think the UFC, they gave me a great deal. I'm happy. (UFC owner and CEO) Lorenzo (Fertitta) gave me a Hellcat."

Of course, Jackson is going back to UFC cautious, as he says he will wait to see how his second stint with the promotion goes, saying, "let's see, let's see," before he can wholeheartedly declare everything is running like clockwork with his most current employer.

We shall see.

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