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Dana White: Herb Dean did a 'horrible job' in the fifth round of Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier UFC 182 title fight

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Alexander Gustafsson wasn't impressed with the performance Jon Jones offered up against Daniel Cormier after "Bones" won a unanimous decision over "DC" this past weekend (Sat., Jan. 3, 2015) at UFC 182 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And now, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White is saying the same, only he wasn't impressed with Herb Dean's performance as the referee.

Speaking to FOX Sports after the light heavyweight championship bout (video highlights), White couldn't help but to criticize Dean's officiating efforts in the fifth and final frame.

Check out his comments (via Bleacher Report):

"Herb Dean, I always talk about him; I think he's my favorite referee. He did a horrible job in the fifth round. He let them clinch, literally for five minutes, but other than that, it was an amazing fight."

White isn't one to bite his tongue when it comes to officiating, as evidenced by his constant criticism of Steve Mazzagatti. He also isn't shy about letting people know what he thinks of certain judges' either, going as far as removing one in the middle of a live event.

Still, the UFC head honcho has never really criticized Dean, a man he considers the best official in the game. But after letting two exhausted combatants "hug it out" for seemingly the entire fifth round, robbing fight fans of perhaps a wild finish, White had no choice but to give Dean his first bad grade.

But was it warranted?

Listen to White's comments about Herb and his take on the fight, in the video below: