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Fabricio Werdum issues dire warning to UFC 182 winner Jon Jones: You better stay in your own division

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Been told.

Aaron Sweet/Getty Images

After dismantling Daniel Cormier for four out of five rounds at UFC 182, it seems like the only contender left for Jon Jones is the winner of Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Johnson.

That may not be appealing enough for "Bones," who in previous interviews has teased moving up a weight class. Interim heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, however, is warning Jones not to make that mistake.

This isn't the first time Werdum has felt the need to defend his turf. After Jones previously hinted he would beat a lot of UFC heavyweights in a super fight, Werdum gave him the "be careful what you wish for, you'll get it" response.

"I don't know why he didn't say that before I become a champion. He said it now but I would fight him for sure without any problem. He has to go up or make it a catchweight bout."

There may be little for either man to worry about at this point.

At the UFC 182 post-fight press conference, Jones said he's comfortable with making the weight cut to 205 for the foreseeable future, and as long as Cain Velasquez holds the heavyweight title, Werdum will meet him to unify their respective belts in the near future.

But if you're Alexander Gustafsson, you have to wonder how many hurdles you will need to jump before getting a second crack at Jones.

We'll see if "Bones" starts whistling this tune again after January 24th.