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UFC 182 results: 'Upset' Donald Cerrone says 'f--k you kicks' were meant to break Myles Jury's legs (or his)

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"The Cowboy" Donald Cerrone talked to the media at the post-fight press conference in Las Vegas about his fight with Myles "Fury" Jury, and was not shy about stating his strikes at the end of the bout were "F*** YOU" kicks because Myles Jury wasn't willing to engage.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Top UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone talked to the media at the UFC 182 post-fight press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, following his pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event win over Myles Jury last night (Sat., Jan. 3, 2015) inside the MGM Grand.

Cerrone controlled the fight from start to finish, nearly submitting Jury in the first round, but by the third round, the pace of the fight was not to "Cowboy's" liking.

"I don't consider that a win. I'm upset with my performance. I'm going to go watch the tape and figure out what I need to do to capitalize if that happens again. I apologize to everyone that was watching."

Cerrone doesn't just blame himself, as he also blamed Jury for not showing up in the later rounds. He admits he was trying to punish "Fury" at the end of round three.

"Oh the FUCK YOU kicks? Yeah. That's what that was. I was either trying to kick and break my leg or his. I was very upset."

Cerrone wants to make up for what he believes was a sub-par performance as soon as possible.

"Denver, Colorado in a couple of weeks would be pretty fucking cool."

Dana White was all smiles. "That's my boy!" Even at Cerrone's torrid pace (four fights in 2014), it seems highly unlikely his post-fight medical suspension could be waved fast enough to take another fight in February at UFC Fight Night 60 (see that card here).

Never put anything past the "Cowboy" -- including his willingness to talk smack about someone he already beat.

"I had a great sweat, ready to go. I didn't know someone was gonna wear their Nikes and run the whole fight."

His post-fight reaction:

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