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Jones vs Cormier fight results, UFC 182: Round 4

This is an insane back-and-forth brawl. And after three rounds, it's anyone's guess who is winning.

Jones comes out with front kicks to Cormier's knees, but "DC" continues to march forward. Cormier eats a kick to the belly, then more elbows in the clinch. Up against the cage, Jones scores his second takedown of Cormier, but he is able to get back to his feet.

Jones dumps hims again!

Along the fence, Jones is angling for a front choke and Cormier is trapped. He worms his way out and Jones works him over good on the escape to his feet. Jones is now laying on Cormier up against the fence, beating him up and tiring him out at the same time.

Cormier looking at the clock and Jones nails him with a combination. Cormier finally gets his back off the fence, but there is only 90 seconds remaining in the round. Tied up once again, now in the center of the cage, both men appear to be taking a break.

Jones lands two knees and continues to just smother Cormier. That's pretty much how it ended, with Jones clearly taking the fourth round and Cormier probably needing the fifth to make this even at the finish line.

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