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Jones vs Cormier fight results, UFC 182: Round 3

Whoa ...

Both fighters are clearly winded after two FURIOUS rounds.

Jones opens it up with a front-leg side kick and Cormier gives it right back. Now the pair exchange solid kicks to the body. Cormier lands a big shot, and another, and Jones looks a little fatigued. Nonetheless, Jones lands a side kick to the neck of Cormier and, shortly thereafter, his finger lands in the eye of "DC."

After a brief stoppage and warning, the action resumes as Jones lands a big body kick. Cormiergoes for a takedown and Jones defends perfectly. Locked up along the cage, Jones lands a nice inside elbow. Another creative elbow strike from Jones, but Cormier is unaffected.

More elbows ... and Cormier responds in kind.

We're now at the halfway point of the match and Jones fires off a head kick. Jones lands a knee to the body and presses Cormier up against the cage, throwing his shoulders into his unprotected face. Cormier lands a right hand, then an uppercut, as Jones responds with elbows.

Cormier now has him up against the fence, landing haymakers and then ending the round with a huge takedown.


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