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Jones vs Cormier fight results, UFC 182: Round 2

Both fighters quickly out for the second after a furious first round.

Jones starts with another kick to the body, clearly a target tonight. He does it again and Cormier come in for a takedown, which Jones defends with a guillotine choke. Cormier pulls out and lands a nice over-the-top strike.

Both fighters now tied up along the fence, angling for position. Cormier tries a guillotine choke of his own, but Jones wastes no time pulling out his head. Nice right hand from Cormier, then a kick to the body, has Jones walking back and looking to lock up.

Jones goes in for a takedown and Cormier punishes him with an uppercut. Jones lands a straight left, which Cormier counters with a right hook. Cormier lands a nice knee to the body as Jones works short elbows on the inside. Jones landing standing elbows like he did against Rashad Evans, while Cormier slips one and lands a clean shot of his own.

Cormier has turned this into a dirty boxing brawl and Jones appears to oblige. He breaks away for a moment and lands a knee, but Cormier finishes strong and lands several clean shots.


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