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Jones vs Cormier fight results, UFC 182: Round 1

Here we go!

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier enter the cage, finally, to close out UFC 182 from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as put an end to their "Bad Blood" rivalry.

It starts out with Jones crawling toward Cormier, but pretty soon the pair are exchanging like crazy. Jones tries a an axe kick on his much shorter opponent, but Cormier closes the distance quick and it's suddenly a phone booth fight. Jones landing uppercuts and he lands a takedown on the former Olympic wrestler.

Back to the center of the Octagon, with Cormier looking to get in close and eliminate the reach advantage. He misses on a takedown attempt and they return to their feet. Cormier continues with his pressure and Jones lands a nice straight left hand.

Now in the clinch, Jones lands and uppercut and a knee, but Cormieris undeterred, landing a shot on the break. Jones lands a knee to the body as Cormier continues to stalk. Cormier lands a jab and the action finally begins to slow with 90 seconds remaining in the first round.

Spinning back kick from Jones misses, but a left hook to the body does not. Cormier tried to work his way in with a soft left hook, but it isn't doing much damage. Cormier lands a solid uppercut and Jones responds with a looping left of his own. Flying knee from Jones misses and ends the round.


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