Dana White: Gastelum and Lineker will move up.


According to UFC president Dana White, both Kelvin Gastelum and John Lineker will be moving up a weight class after missing weight multiple times in their past few fights.

Gastelum weighed in nearly 10 pounds over for his welterweight bout with Tyron Woodley and Lineker weighed in at 5 pounds over for his bout with Ian McCall, both on the UFC 183 card. Dana was furious.

"Lineker will never fight at flyweight again. He will have to move up to bantamweight," White said. "Same thing with Kelvin Gastelum. This was the last time he will fight at welterweight. He has weight issues, had to go to the hospital and was cleared by the doctors to come to the weigh-ins. He came here 10 pounds over. He will have to move up to middleweight."

There you have fans, the UFC brass is now dictating the weight classes for their fighters (provided they fail to make weight a few times). Good or bad news in your opinion?

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