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Tommy Toe Hold Show: UFC 183's Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre save MMA

Deny, deny, deny ...

What's up fight fans?

Welcome to another special episode of TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show) exclusively for SB Nation. I'm the cartoon version of the Donald Cerrone vs. Ben Henderson 3 decision, Tommy Toe Hold.

Today: Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre teach us a thing or two about public relations.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is still a very new and raw sport. And part of the fun is that it's new and raw -- mistakes are made. We're only a few decades in and it's still very much the Wild West. Fighters are still learning how to deal with media and with fans. They're learning what to do in a controversy and how to get out of a jam.

So, I thought it would be funny if I took two of the more celebrated and relatively controversy-free fighters of all time, and gave them a public relations firm so they could teach the rest of the MMA world how to avoid a PR disaster or two ahead of UFC 183 this weekend (complete results here).

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