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UFC 183 headliner Anderson Silva reacts to Jon Jones cocaine scandal: Is normal.

"First of all, Jon Jones is my friend, my personal friend. I like Jon Jones. Is the young guys, have the problems ... all the people have problems. I'm no different. I no use drugs, but I'm normal. All the people have problem. The people talk: 'Oh, Jon Jones, blah-blah-blah ...' but no, this is normal, is young. Now, Jon Jones have a chance for change everything."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva, who battles Nick Diaz at the UFC 183 pay-per-view (PPV) event later this month in Las Vegas, Nevada, echoes the pro-"Bones" sentiments of Anthony Johnson (read those comments here), asking critics to go easy on 205-pound titleholder Jon Jones after the champ tested positive for cocaine metabolites prior to UFC 182. After all, who doesn't fuck up from time-to-time? To err is human, or in the case of words according to "Spider," to err is normal.

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