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Report: Tito Ortiz slugged by WEC veteran during New Year's Eve brawl in Las Vegas

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"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" is looking for another fight, but in lieu of waiting for Bellator MMA's Scott Coker to announce one, he reportedly picked his own at a Las Vegas night club on New Year's Eve.

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion-turned Bellator 205-pound contender Tito Ortiz was apparently working on his stand up on New Year's Eve, thanks to a couple of impromptu sparring partners on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From MMA insider Front Row Brian:

The incident was later corroborated by several of the parties involved; however, Ortiz was not mixed up with a pugilist but rather David "Bionic" Terrel, pro fighter and former training partner of Ortiz (not to be confused with "The Soul Assassin" of UFC fame).

Terrel spoke to Bloody Elbow about how the fight got started.

"Tito shows up and he goes to the rope, opens the rope up -- which you're not supposed to do -- and lets him and his group in. (The nightclub staff) told him he had to go behind us because we were there first, so as he walks by me and I nod my head like 'What's up' but I didn't saying anything. He stopped and he said 'Motherfucker, don't say what's up to me.' So I said 'What's up? You want to fight?' And then he swung on me."

The incident is not as random as it might seem, because Terrel believes that Ortiz screwed him and a fellow training partner when they helped "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" get ready for his fight with Alexander Shlemenko back in May 2014.

By his account, the beef intensified with Stephan Bonnar coming to Bellator.

"I talked Bonnar into going to Bellator to fight him after that and was now on Bonnar's team. Tito didn't like that. And there was a bunch of stuff said back and forth on social media. So when he saw me he tried to get as close to me as possible, which is why he went through the rope."

No video has yet surfaced of the brawl, but several eyewitnesses have vouched for the accuracy of Terrel's account, and Ortiz has refused to comment on the incident (for now).

Terel says it really wasn't much of a fight anyway.

"I remember security was trying to take him down and I got behind him and grabbed him a round the neck. Kind of like I was going to get him in a rear naked but I didn't put a choke on him. I pulled him to the ground and I said 'Yo! Chill. Relax. Kick back.' And then it stopped."

Terrel is 7-7 as a pro and an unlikely foe for Ortiz inside the Bellator cage, where Scott Coker and Viacom have to be salivating at the controversial MMA legend having another high-profile fight. Outside the cage, however, Terrel has one up on Ortiz.

Sound familiar?