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Recap: CM Punk at UFC 182 fan Q&A talks 'Jones vs Cormier,' debut date, more!

The former WWE star took the stage for the UFC 182 fan Q&A on Friday afternoon (Jan. 2, 2015) and was welcomed to the combat sports fold by drunk MMA fans.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Phil "CM Punk" Brooks had the mic for today's traditional UFC Q&A session that normally precedes the weigh-ins on the evening before fight night.

In this case, Brooks was talking shop with fans in town for UFC 182 (watch the replay here).

The questions were asked from a largely alcohol-fueled contingent. And to his credit, Punk rolled with the punches, showed his sense of humor, and kept the one-on-one with the fans moving.

When he was asked if he would ever hit the "G.T.S." (his finishing move in the WWE) or if he would play "Rock, Paper, Scissors," he took it with a grain of salt and looked to be amused and in good spirits. And said "Yes, I am going to perform it," with a grin.

Punk didn't have much new to say.

It was mostly recycled material from his recent media merry-go-round. The former WWE star said "It won't be anytime soon," when asked when he will step into the Octagon. And he isn't going to ask for any particular opponent, either.

"I think in my head what I'm going to wind up doing is living in the gym for six months and then with the help of trainers and coaches I will evaluate and go from there," Punk said about his plans going forward.

"I probably won't call anybody out. I don't feel it is my place to do so on top of everybody falling over themselves to call me out. It's kind of silly. I just think you have to find somebody that matches up with me or you put me in there with "Cro Cop" -- I have no idea. Somewhere in between that will make everyone happy and we will go from there."

"Have you been training at all?" One fan asked.

"No, you got me. Is it a bad time now to say this is all a big rib? Thank you, good night," Punk joked as he started to walk off stage. "Yes, I have been training my ass off."

It was announced this week that Punk would be training at Roufusport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (details here) with Duke Roufus and he called it a "perfect match," because striking is where he needs the most help and "that is what Duke does."

When asked about prior injuries from his pro wresting days being a factor he said his body "feels great right now," and he is 100-percent healthy. He isn't worried about concussions either, telling one fan "I don't worry about what is going to happen to me until it happens."

Aside from the questions directed at him about his new career in UFC, there was a common thread throughout the 45-minute session: Punk is a Daniel Cormier supporter.

"I like your shirt," he told one fan. "It says ‘Break Bones.'"

Cormier is a fan of Punk. Jon Jones, however, is not. The light heavyweight champion said recently that he would like to see Punk get knocked out (find out why here).

When answering a question that compared Cormier to Fedor, Punk again offered a pro-Cormier response.

"'DC' is ‘DC' and I think tomorrow night he is going to prove it," said Punk, who will begin training at Roufusport on Monday (Jan. 5, 2015).

Another fan asked, "I guess you are going ‘DC' over Jones?"

"Yeah," Punk said. And let me stop you right there. This is not going to be easy. This isn't going to be a cake walk. This is going to be a hell of a fight. Both guys are undefeated. Both guys are amazing. I'm just in 'DC's' corner."

Whenever he does get into the Octagon, Punk said it will definitely not be just a one-off type of deal.

"That is not the plan," he said. "This isn't a one and done for me. I don't think I can factually answer, whether I win or lose, what my next step is until it happens and it is the next day. I've had discussions with various people about that. That is a bridge I have to cross when I get to it. If it was up to me right now, and I lose that fight in embarrassing fashion, I'm back in the gym the next day for fight number two. That is just the person I am."

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