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World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 17 LIVE results, video stream

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 17: "Shields vs. Foster" mixed martial arts (MMA) event takes place TONIGHT (Sat., Jan. 17, 2015) at Axis Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tonight's headlining act will feature former Strikeforce champion and ex-Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title contender Jake Shields trying to clear his final hurdle, a 170-pound showdown against Brian Foster, with the winner moving on to face Rousimar Palhares for the division title.

All that, and so much more. will have live results flowing all night long, in addition to main card play-by-play for each of the NBC Sports Network-televised battles. Before that action gets underway at 9 p.m. ET, WSOF 17 "Prelims" will stream LIVE right here at 7:30 p.m. ET in the embedded video player below.

Now, on with the show.


Jake Shields def. Brian Foster via rear naked choke; 2:51 Round 1
Joe Condon def. Johnny Nunez via guillotine; 4:22 Round 3
Krasimir Mladenov def. Brendan Kornberger via unanimous decision; 30-27 x2, 29-28
Bryson Hansen def. Rudy Morales via unanimous decision; 30-27, 30-26, 30-25
Danny Davis Jr. def. Adam Cella via unanimous decision; 29-27 x3
Jordan Rinaldi def. Soslan Abanokov via americana; 3:02 Round 3
Donavon Frelow def. Taylor McCorriston via unanimous decision; 29-28 x3
Jamie Point def. Trey Williams via anaconda choke; 3:52 Round 1


Jake Shields vs. Brian Foster

Round 1: Foster in black, Shields in blue, we're "treated" to Mazzagatti again as our ref. Low kick for Shields. A nice jab and then a counter from Foster. Shields bulls forward into a clinch. Foster backs him into the cage. Nice trip from Shields, but Foster rolls him over, putting Shields on his back. Foster stands immediately. Foster swings big and Shields ducks under for a solid double that lands Foster on his butt. Side control... now half guard. Foster trying to maintain some position, but Shields passes back and now mounts. Shields threatening an arm triangle, Foster rolls away from it, but Shields was looking for the roll and stayed on his back. Jake hunting the rear naked, and Foster is trying hard to keep the arms away. Shields swims an arm free and locks on the RNC for a quick tap.

Final result: Jake Shields defeats Brian Foster via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:51 of Round 1


Joe Condon vs. Johnny Nunez

Round 1: Nunez in black, Condon in blue, Joe Smith our ref. Nunez swinging wildly into a clinch and gets a nice inside trip into full guard. Condon controlling the posture and arms well. Nunez gets his right free and is punching away. Nunez stands, then wades back down with a left. Condon pushes off and scrambles to his knees. Nunez jumps on the back as Condon starts to stand. Nunez is fishing and fishing deep for a rear naked here. Condon manages to break the grip and scrambles out and up. Big left from Nunez as he powers forward back into the clinch. Condon reverses up against the cage. Right from Condon lands and they separate. Nunez connects with a jab. Condon with some slow kicks that are letting Nunez counter him.

10-9 Nunez

Round 2: WSOF really needs to stop putting interviews on during the fights. No one cares. Nunez appears to get a takedown early . We zoom back in and Nunez has the back of a standing Condon. Nunez lands a nice knee around the guard. Clinch fighting here. Solid left from Johnny. They're trading back and forth periodically in center-cage. Neither man seems to really be able to find the range. Condon with another plodding kick that ends up with him taken down. Condon up, Nunez with the body lock and a right as they break away. Condon finally checks a leg kick. Nunez with a good lead left.

10-9 Nunez

Round 3: Nunez with a big takedown, but can't do anything with it and Condon is back up. They're trading fairly simply here. single and occasionally a pair of swings. Condon unable to really do anything standing, as his awkward strikes aren't landing solid. Nunez with a takedown attempt, but he left his head outside and Condon jumps for a guillotine... he's in the half guard with less than a minute left... and he gets the tap! Hell of a last minute home run from Condon in a fight he was getting dominated in.

Final result: Joe Condon defeats Johnny Nunez via submission (guillotine) at 4:22 of Round 3


Brendan Kornberger vs. Krasimir Mladenov

Round 1: OK fellas, if you think I'm typing out Mladenov and Kornberger as the action happens, you're sorely mistaken. Lad in black, Korn in the black and red, Tognoni is the ref. Bas is in rare, completely untenable form tonight. Korn walks into a counter with his hands zombie-like. Lad's nickname is "The Wrestler" and he lives up to it with a quick takedown. Riding time for the Bulgarian as he's got back control. Korn stands, but Lad smashes a couple of hammerfists in. Korn up, Lad takes him down. Korn up, Lad with a nice hip toss now. Side control and a good punch to the body. Korn starts to scramble, north-south position. Korn with some nice dirty boxing and stuff's Lad's takedown this time. They exchange rights and Lad backs off. Front kick from Korn. Lazy leg kick from Korn and he gets taken down off it. Full guard.

10-9 Mladenov

Round 2: Hard to see with the mini screen as we have to listen to some backstage schlub interrupt the fight with some backstage fluffery. We're back to full screen and Korn is being bullied down as he went straight back. Lad in side control, now half, nor Korn getting to his feet and trying to punch and knee Lad. Lad with the takedown yet again and he's on the back. Couple of punches from Wrestler. Korn up. Nice short right from Lad. Korn looking the fresher fighter here. Another lazy kick and another big takedown. Lad has shown zero top control so far and it holds up here, too as Korn is right back to standing. Outside leg kick from Lad. Korn seems to suffer from the old Rashad Evans syndrome, in that he has good movement when they're in free motion, but as he goes to strike, he keeps his head straight and doesn't quite seem to know what to do with the rest of his body. They stare awkwardly at each other as the round ends.

10-9 Mladenov

Round 3: Uppercut lands for Korn. 90 seconds in and Lad thunks in a left hand. They clinch and Korn stuff's the toss attempt of Lad. Lad shoots from way outside into a single and manages to ankle pick Korn. Full guard. Korn tossing some soft lobs from the bottom and Lad answers with a heavy left. Again, Korn tries about five feints before throwing an awkward punch and nearly getting blasted on his left temple. Clinch. Lad with a single leg attempt that gets blocked. Then he gets one.

10-9 Mladenov

Final result: Krasimir Mladenov defeats Brendan Kornberger via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)


Bryson Hansen vs. Rudy Morales

Round 1: Hansen in black, Morales in white, Kim Winslow reffing. Nice inside leg kick from Hansen, but he whiffs on the next one. Morales backing up, Hansen punches into a single leg and gets the takedown barely a minute in. Morales with a high full guard. Hansen tried for a slam, but fails - still gets it back to the ground. Huge elbow from Hansen and Morales is leaking early. Armbar attempt from Rudy fails. This prompts a Bas recollection of Kevin Randleman whaling on him. Also Bas with the Monty Python references. A bit more and Winslow pauses it to let the doctor look at the cut. The doc allows it, and they're back standing. Not for long as Hansen is back on top after a quick takedown. Side control. Hansen threatening an arm triangle with 30 seconds left.

10-8 Hansen

Round 2: Morales with a nice jump knee as Hansen came in for a takedown. Solid strike, but Hansen gets the takedown regardless. Apparently between rounds, Morales was complaining about a bum knee, most likely from that huge leg kick that Hansen opened up with. In any event, Hansen is in half guard and striking periodically. We're paused to a standstill here, but Winslow seems content to let Bryson work. Morales with some short punches from the bottom. Snoozefest here. Morales finally gets to a knee... gets up with just under 20 seconds... and that's the round.

10-9 Hansen

Round 3: Morales limping visibly here. Morales switching stances and hits a nice spin kick. Morales lands a sweet little crane kick, but Hansen eats it and walks through it straight into a takedown. Half guard and we're back to the snoozing. There's a nice left finally from Bryson. Morales manages to scramble up, but Hansen is a pitbull on the leg of Morales. The persistence pays off and we're back down on the ground. Morales swinging like a madman from the bottom. Triangle attempt at the end and we're done.

10-9 Hansen

Final result: Bryson Hansen defeats Rudy Morales via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)


Adam Cella vs. Danny Davis Jr.

Round 1: Cella in blue, Davis in black, our ref is Steve Mazzagatti. Davis with a nice right hand to start. There's another about 25 seconds in that knocks Cella on his keister, and Davis swarms in... for a takedown? Interesting choice here. They're up against the cage, and kinda just staying put. Maz eventually breaks them with a couple minutes in. Cella pushing forward this time, nice kick to the spleen side of Davis and a clinch. Again, not much happening. Davis reverses. Finally, Davis manages to clasp his hands together and pick up Cella for the takedown. Full guard. Cella with some elbows from the bottom. There's some GNP from Davis, but Maz has gone into JUST BLEED mode and stands them up. They're kicking and punching like solid kickpunchers are wont to do, and go after it until the round ends.

10-9 Davis

Round 2: Davis mixing up his leg, body and head work well to open up here.... Well. Davis pushed Cella to the ground and then rushed in with a soccer kick. Cella appears to be OK, but Maz takes a point and rightfully so. Nice leg kick from Cella. Davis with a pair of 1-2 combos. Nice takedown from Davis and he's in full guard. DDJR with a couple of punches before Cella regains posture control. Elbows and left hands rain down from the Nevadan. Half guard. Cella looking for a kimura, but it doesn't appear to be there. 30 seconds to go, Davis postures up when the clapper sounds and gets in solid punches before the bell ends the frame.

9-9 Davis

Round 3: Bas can't do basic arithmetic, but what else is new? Cella whiffs on a bunch of strikes. Davis with the takedown about a minute in. Full guard. It's an open guard, but Davis isn't looking to pass. Maz is tired of it and stands them up with about 2:50 on the clock. Cella punches in, but it leads to a clinch, which isn't helping him. Davis reverses and fights for a single.... and gets it. 1:40 to go. Not much happening. Davis with a left, but whatever. Davis with a flurry at the end.

10-9 Davis

Final result: Danny Davis Jr. defeats Adam Cella via unanimous decision (29-27 x3)



Enjoy the fights!

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