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Bellator 132 LIVE results stream

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The main event pits a "Pitbull" against former champ Daniel Straus, and the co-main event is a search for the next contender between Bubba Jenkins and Georgi Karakhanyan. Real-time results begin with "prelim" fights at 7 p.m. ET right here!

Bellator 132: "Pitbull vs. Straus" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Jan. 16, 2015) at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California. It is the first of Bellator MMA's new format of monthly shows, with "seasons" and "tournaments" now a thing of the past.

Patricio Freire, the younger of the famed "Pitbull" brothers, returns to the Bellator cage for his first featherweight title defense since beating Pat Curran. He'll have to defeat former champion Daniel Straus, whose quest for redemption began with a lightning quick finish of Justin Wilcox, and a second win puts gold back around his waist.

Lacking the tournament format to determine new top contenders, Bellator has wisely created a co-main event likely to determine the next featherweight challenger. Bubba Jenkins is on a four fight win streak and is five out of six in Bellator overall, while Georgi Karakhanyan makes his Bellator return after a run as the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) featherweight champion.

The TV line-up also features a rematch between Houston Alexander and Virgil Zwicker, who fought to a draw due to an unfortunate foul in Council Bluffs. Both men now seek a decisive finish. The show also features Fernando Gonzalez, holder of upsets defeats of Karl Amassou and Karo Parisyan, seeking his third straight Bellator win against Marius Zaromskis.

All of this airs Friday night on Spike TV starting at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to bring you LIVE Bellator 132 results and play-by-play for the televised fights along with the the under card action on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 132) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Patricio Freire vs. Daniel Straus: Freire retains the featherweight title via RNC at 4:49 in R4.

Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Bubba Jenkins: Karakhanyan via technical submission at 1:49 in R1.

Houston Alexander vs. Virgil Zwicker: 29-28 Zwicker, 30-27 Alexander, 29-28 Zwicker by split decision.

Fernando Gonzalez vs: Marius Zaromskis: Gonzalez wins via decision 30-27 X3.

Preliminary Card (

Everett Cummings vs. Hector Carillo: Cummings via technical sub at 1:55 of R2.

Dustin Jacoby vs. John Salter: Salter via RNC at 3:33 of R2.

Jonathan Rivera vs. Steve Kozola: Kozola via TKO at 1:25 of R2.

Derek Anderson vs. Danny Navarro: Anderson via TKO at 3:51 of R3.

Fabian Gonzalez vs. Albert Morales: Morales via RNC sub at 3:12 of R2.

Luc Bondole vs. Chris Herrera: Herrera via KO at 3:21 of R2.


Patricio Freire vs. Daniel Straus

The challenger Straus is in the white trunks for tonight's fight. The champion Freire is in the black. Our referee in charge for the main event is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Straus throws a couple of high kicks to open. Pitbull kicks low then throws a leaping right hand. Straus and Pitbull test each other's chin. 1:30. Leg kicks from Straus. He puts a left hand on Pitbull's chin and presses forward. Straus can't get a takedown and is spun away at 2:35. Pitbull signals an accidental headbutt at 3:10 and McCarthy calls time. McCarthy gives Straus a warning and continues the fight, at which point Straus turns up the striking and Pitbull's takedown attempt is stuffed. Straus' attempt is stuffed at 4:10. Cup kick at 4:47 and now it's Pitbull's turn to receive a warning. 10-9 R1 for Straus.

Round 2: Straus hits two low kicks in a row in R2, and the second one at 1:03 forces McCarthy to briefly stop the fight. Pitbull claims another foul at 1:50. McCarthy warns him to control the strikes from now on and deducts one point on Straus' card. Pitbull sprawls to block a takedown and winds up over the top of Straus' back with a headlock. Straus gets back up and throws Pitbull down, then takes him down again at 3:33, but Pitbull ends up with the back for a moment. Straus is back up at 3:50. Pitbull gets Straus against the fence at 4:20 throwing punches and knees to the body. 10-8 round for Pitbull with the deduction.

Round 3: Straus is attempting to make up for self-inflicted damage in R2 with body and head kicks for the first couple of minutes of R3. Straus is warned to watch the open fingers. Two minutes gone. Pitbull is letting him win the battle of position and he's also bleeding from a cut opened up under the right eye. He throws a flurry and goes for a takedown at 3:30 but Pitbull uses his hips to wind up on top. Pitbull goes for a heel hook and Straus quickly escapes and stands up at 4:03. Leg kicks by Straus. Straus hits another flurry and gets a late takedown to seal a 10-9 round and tie things up.

Round 4: Pitbull ties up with Straus in the fence to slow down his offense at the start of R4. Straus fights his way off the fence with hands and knees. Blood is streaming down Pitbull's face. Straus knocks him down at 1:36 but looks for a level change instead of continuing to punish on the feet, and Pitbull wisely ties Straus up to recover. Straus again fights his way out of being on the fence and Pitbull responds with a right when they get to the center. Straus goes down off a kick to the cup, falling down straight backward in pain. Freire throws a right on the ground as McCarthy pulls him off and Pitbull mistakenly believes the fight was being stopped. McCarthy gives Straus time to recover and restarts the fight with 1:55 left. An angry Straus is hitting lefts. Pitbull gets a takedown at 3:49 with the blood from his right eye smeared all over Straus' back. Pitbull goes for a rear naked choke with 20 seconds left and STRAUS TAPS OUT WITH 10 SECONDS TO GO.

Final result: Patricio "Pitbull' Freire retains via rear naked choke at 4:49 in the fourth round.


Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Bubba Jenkins

Round 1: Karakhanyan is in the black/green trunks with blue gloves and Jenkins is in the black/white with red gloves. Herb Dean is the referee in charge. Jenkins gets a takedown 9 seconds into the fight but Karakhanyan ends up on top on the ground and goes hard for a guillotine. Jenkins rolls and rolls trying to get away and finally breaks free and stands up at 1:01. Another Jenkins takedown at 1:25. Karakhanyan goes for the guillotine again and JENKINS GOES OUT COLD FORCING DEAN TO STOP THE FIGHT.

Final result: Georgi Karakhanyan gets the technical submission over Bubba Jenkins at 1:49 of R1.

To fill time after the quick finish Jimmy Smith interviewed new Bellator signee KIMBO SLICE. He says he couldn't resist the opportunity to fight in MMA again in prime time and on Spike TV. "I'm still hungry, and I haven't got my fill yet. Whoever step up to the plate they got to bring it."


Houston Alexander vs. Virgil Zwicker

Round 1: Zwicker is in the black trunks, Alexander the red, and our referee in charge is Jason Herzog. Both men circle each other cautiously for the first 40 seconds before Alexander shoots and gets a takedown. Zwicker scoots his way to the fence looking to get back up as Alexander lands heavy body shots. Zwicker is nearly back up at 1:39 before Alexander throws him to the ground again. Alexander stays in the open half guard of Zwicker, smothering him and throwing rabbit shots at the head when there's an opening. 2:30. Zwicker keeps one foot on the fence hoping to push off. Herzog calls for improvement at 2:55. Zwicker explodes back up at 3:12 and Alexander throws some knees before they break - and Alexander cuts him under the left eye. Alexander fakes a takedown and Zwicker nearly falls down trying to stuff the imaginary shot. 4:15. Zwicker tags him with a couple of shots late but it's still a 10-9 Alexander round.

Round 2: Alexander's first big shot of R2 is a right hook to the body. Zwicker tags him with a right to the head, then kocks him down with an uppercut at 57. Alexander pops back up and responds but Zwicker gets him to the ground and throws some elbows. Herzog takes a look as a few more land flush. Two minutes. Zwicker backs away and zings Alexander with an uppercut as he's getting up. Alexander has some swelling under his left eye. Alexander attacks to the body again and Zwicker tries to time the strikes. Alexander gets a takedown at 3:45. Zwicker scoots his way to the fence with short time but doesn't get up before the bell. 10-9 Zwicker.

Round 3: Alexander continues to work the body for the first 40 seconds of R3. Zwicker circles to land a leg kick. Zwicker tries a Superman punch, Alexander goes back to the body. Alexander goes for the single leg at 2:04 and doesn't get it. Zwicker responds with a right to the face. Alexander with two big shots upstairs at 2:46. Both men are staying right in the center of the cage. 3:30. Left hand jab to the head lands for Alexander at 3:50. Alexander to the body again at 4:15. Zwicker tries to instigate a slugfest at 4:50 but Alexander turns it into a takedown late. We'll go to the judges.

Final result: the judges score the contest 29-28 Zwicker, 30-27 Alexander and 29-28 for the winner by split decision - Virgil 'Rezdog' Zwicker.


Fernando Gonzalez vs: Marius Zaromskis

Round 1: Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. Zaromskis is in the blue trunks, Gonzalez the red. Zaromskis charges forward right at the opening bell. They continue to trade shots for the first 40 seconds - lots of hooks and leg kicks. Zaromskis tries to duck his head and wade in to land a big blow - Gonzalez kicks him away. Good body shots by Gonzalez. Gonzalez tries a jump guillotine and lets it go. Two minutes gone. Zaromskis tries a jump knee. Gonzalez with lefts and an uppercut. Gonzalez pushes him toward the fence at 2:30. Zaromskis responds with right hooks and a leg kick. A knee and a leg kick by Zaromskis. Gonzalez with a left. Zaromskis cheeks are turning red from the blows. Gonzalez is getting tagged too. Zaromskis right eye appears to be swelling. Gonzalez blocks a head kick and Zaromskis falls down, then drops levels for a takedown at 4:40. He gets it at the bell. 10-9 Gonzalez.

Round 2: Gonzalez continues to press forward to open R2. He backs Zaromskis to the fence at the one minute mark, throwing a couple of knees before backing up to strike at range. Zaromskis tries to circle away to his right and throw a jump knee. Gonzalez continues to jab away and throws a head kick that gets caught - he snatches the leg back. 2:30. Spinning backfist from Zaromskis misses the mark. Gonzalez loves to jab with the left and hook with the right. Front kick by Gonzalez. 3:30. Gonzalez briefly knocks Zaromskis down (or he slips). Zaromskis may not be able to see out of his right eye at all. Body shot by Gonzalez with 30 seconds left. He takes the back of Zaromskis looking for a takedown. Zaromskis tries to turn around for a double but the bell sounds. 10-9 Gonzalez.

Round 3: Zaromskis checks a head kick at 44 seconds but the force of it still made Gonzalez back up. Zaromskis starts feeling more confident and attacking more with strikes. He goes for the takedown at 2:10 but can't get it. Zaromskis is trying to leave it all out there in the cage, and Gonzalez is slowing down a bit, so if he's going to make a late comeback the time is now. 3:20. Gonzalez whistles past the chin with an uppercut that could have finished the fight. Zaromskis keeps going for the head kick. Zaromskis dives for a single leg at 4:40 and gets it but it may be too little too late. We'll go to the judges for a decision.

Final result: the judges score this fight unanimously 30-27 for the winner Fernando Gonzalez.


Everett Cummings vs. Hector Carillo

Round 1: Glaza is in the white trunks. Cummings is in the black trunks. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog. Glaza hits a slam 11 seconds into the fight. He lands some elbows as he tries to pass to side control and gets it at 54 seconds. Glaza is looking for a key lock and Cummings was ready to tap but then drew it back. Glaza lets it go to do some ground and pound. Herzog is looking in close at 2:25 as some big shots land. Cummings momentarily gets him back to guard at 2:54, Glaza moves right back to half. Cummings is doing a good job of blocking most of the power shots but it's still one-sided traffic. 10-9 round for Glaza.

Round 2: Glaza gets another takedown 22 seconds into the second round. Big right hands against the fence and Herzog is taking a close look again at 1:12. Glaza goes for a guillotine from half guard as Cummings tries to get on top. Glaza doesn't get it and Cummings takes his back at 1:50 going for the rear naked - GLAZA GOES OUT COLD FIVE SECONDS LATER.

Final result: Everett Cummings gets the technical submission at 1:55 of the second round.


Dustin Jacoby vs. John Salter

Round 1: Salter is in black trunks, Jacoby the white. Our referee in charge is Herb Dean. Salter goes for a takedown 43 seconds in, Jacoby goes for a guillotine as Salter gets it at 57 seconds but quickly lets go knowing he does have it. Salter moves to half guard, side and gets the back with both hooks in at 1:32. He hits left hands to the head looking to soften up Jacoby. At 2:20 you can see that he's trying to kick Jacoby's legs out from underneath him but Jacoby manages to stay on his knees. Salter changes tactics and looks for a right arm for a bit. Full back mount at 3:20. Salter throws lefts and rights and you can hear them thudding into Jacoby's head. You can see Jacoby's nose is bloody as Salter goes for a RNC then lets it go. Salter keeps the mount even as Jacoby tries to escape. He pulls Jacoby backward with short time but no sub is there. Dominant 10-9 R1 for Salter.

Round 2: Jacoby is instructed to work his jab in the corner. That's easier to do when Salter doesn't get a takedown 30 seconds into the round. Salter gets one hook in on the back at 1:15. Jacoby has had little to no offense this whole fight. Jacoby nearly stands up and peels Salter off at 2:35 but Salter rides it out to side control. Salter takes the back again at 3:20 and he's going for the rear naked - Jacoby taps at 3:33 and Jacoby thumps the mat in defeat. Salter gives him a friendly pat of consolation.

Final result: John Salter taps out Dustin Jacoby via rear naked choke at 3:33 of R2.


Jonathan Rivera vs. Steve Kozola

Round 1: Kozola is in the blue gloves and Rivera is in the red. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. Both men are a perfect 4-0. Kozola is the man pushing forward throughout the fight and gets Rivera against the fence, but Rivera goes for a standing guillotine - and lets it go when he realizes he can't get it. Rivera stuns Kozola with a right hand at 2:55 and Kozola gets a takedown at 3:07 to recover. Kozola takes the back but Rivera spins his way to the top with 90 seconds left. Rivera continues to pummel Kozola on top with elbows and strikes. Kozola tries to kick him free with 10 seconds left but can't. You could score this round either way as each man won for half.

Round 2: McCarthy gives both men a warning for grabbing the shorts 45 seconds into R2. Kozola rocks Rivera at 1:15 with an overhand left, follows with more lefts and MCCARTHY WAVES IT OFF.

Final result: Steve Kozola wins by TKO at 1:25 of the second round.


Derek Anderson vs. Danny Navarro

Round 1: Anderson is in the blue trunks. Navarro is in the black. Herb Dean is our referee in charge. Navarro gets a takedown 28 seconds in but can't keep Anderson down, though he keeps Anderson pinned against the fence. Anderson turns him round as they jockey for position and backs away clean at 1:57. Navarro lands some hard right hands. He continues to hit Anderson cleanly but his chin is holding up. Another takedown by Navarro at 3:50 and he gets full mount. Anderson gets back up 30 seconds later as his back was already to the fence in mount. Dean calls time at 4:40 to put a mouthpiece in. 10-9 R1 for Navarro.

Round 2: Anderson catches Navarro 40 seconds into R2 and tries to pour it on as Navarro defensively goes for a takedown to recover. He's still on wobbly legs at 1:10 as he backs away and eats a big right. Anderson continues to stalk as Navarro moves side to side against the fence. Anderson teases a jump knee at 1:56, lands a right hand, and Navarro ties up. Navarro seems fairly well recovered by 2:45 but Anderson keeps stalking and gets hit with a right. Navarro shoots at 3:45 and gets stuffed. Another hard right by Navarro at 4:04. Navarro nearly gets the takedown with 30 second left. Anderson may have done enough to get the 10-9 but Navarro made a comeback late.

Round 3: Anderson sends Navarro down to the mat 15 seconds into R3, and Navarro gets a takedown 15 seconds later that doesn't last. They continue to scramble on the ground and then reset on the feet. Anderson will be scoring for cage control if nothing else by being the man who moves forward. Navarro has a bloody nose 2:10 into the round. Hard left jab backs Navarro up at 2:30. They trade big shots at 3 minutes and Anderson DECKS Navarro five seconds later - but he stays standing. Anderson continues to fire away as Herb Dean keeps a close eye on the action. DEAN WAVES IT OFF AT 3:50 AFTER NAVARRO SLUMPS TO HIS KNEES AGAIN AND THIS IS OVER.

Final result: Derek Anderson finishes Navarro via TKO at 3:51 of the third round.


Fabian Gonzalez vs. Albert Morales

Round 1: The referee in charge of our second fight is Jason Herzog. Morales is making his pro debut while Gonzalez is 2-0 in his young career. Blue gloves for Morales, red gloves for Gonzalez. Gonzalez gets cut on the bridge of his nose from a big knee as they trade. Morales gets a takedown halfway through the round and tries to go for the full mount but loses the position and Gonzalez gets back up. Herzog keeps taking a close look to see if either man is grabbing the fence throughout the round. Gonzalez and Morales slug it out for the final ten seconds of R1 and Morales eats a big shot before the bell.

Round 2: 52 seconds into the second round Gonzalez nose is streaming blood again. Even though it's a deep cut and there's a lot coming from it, it's not blocking his vision. Morales gets a takedown at 1:45. Gonzalez gets up and is taken down again at 2:02. Now that he's on his back the blood is starting to pool in his eyes. Morales takes the back at 3 minutes and goes for the rear naked - MORALES GETS THE VICTORY VIA TAP AT 3:12.

Final result: Albert Morales wins his first fight via rear naked choke at 3:12 of the second round.


Luc Bondole vs. Chris Herrera

Round 1: Bondole is in the blue gloves. Herrera is in the red. Our referee in charge is Herb Dean. Bondole is 4-0-1 overall, Herrera is the local favorite with a 2-1 record. Herrera gets a takedown 1:28 into the fight. Bondole works hard for a kimura off his back. Herrera punches away at the ribs with his left hand and is finally able to get out of submission danger. He continues to pound away with the left as Bondole tries to sit up - and Bondole stands at 3:56. He immediately pushes Herrera into the fence to throw knees as Dean calls for more work. A close R1 ends with Herrera against the fence taking shots.

Round 2: Herrera keeps pushing forward trying to overcome the size and reach advantage of Bondole. Bondole hits a leg kick and then has to back pedal quick to avoid a flurry. Herrera is landing some good shots at the 2 minute mark and Bondole is breathing hard. He slips on a kick attempt at 2:35. HERRERA KNOCKS HIM OUT COLD AT 3:21 WITH A RIGHT TO THE CHIN and another right as Bondole was slumping.

Final result: Chris Herrera wins via TKO at 3:21 of the second round.