UFC 182 PPV buys for 'Jones vs. Cormier' could top 800k, best since UFC 168

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, despite his shaky public image, is good for business.

As predicted.

"Bones" helped the UFC 182 pay-per-view (PPV) pull in between 740-820,000 paying customers for his 205-pound title defense against Daniel Cormier, who also deserves some of the credit for building their epic grudge match (relive the madness here).

From MMA Fighting:

The number was more impressive given it went head-to-head with the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL playoff game that drew 28 million viewers, and both the NFL and UFC strongly hit the adult male demographic. Another key is that when UFC draws out of its usual range for a big fight, it is usually hitting the sports fan audience, so going against the NFL playoffs impacts the bigger shows more than the shows that draw the usual UFC pay-per-view base audience.

You can argue that Jones is now the UFC`s biggest star, which may also explain why the promotion -- or the commission -- was in no big hurry to pull him from the event, despite his positive test for cocaine metabolites (more on that here).

We also know why UFC President Dana White was "proud of him."

Jones previous best was his fight against Rashad Evans which did around 700k PPV buys. UFC 182 went down earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will likely propel "Bones" into a title defense against the winner of Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Johnson.

For more on that fight click here.

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