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Video: Lab tests show that UFC Fight Night 59's Conor McGregor is 'elite compared to the elite'

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There's no denying that Conor McGregor is an elite fighter, but would you believe that he is one step higher than an elite athlete?

That's the conclusion that experts came to after they decided to run a bunch of tests on "The Notorious" one in a secret sports lab (via UFC) -- wires and all -- ahead of his featherweight scrap against Dennis Siver at this weekend's (Sun., Jan. 18, 2015) UFC Fight Night 59 event in Boston, Massachusetts.

The tests were prompted after the Irishman claimed that his reaction to his kicks is as fast as his reaction to his jab. And apparently, the results don't lie, as it was proven that McGregor has the reaction time that rivals that of a professional baseball hitter reacting to a pitch.

On top of that, he kicks really, really hard.

But, don't take my word for it, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Daniel Cormier -- who assisted in the lab -- can back up those record-setting results.

"The amount of power he gets with his kicks, it's crazy. Conor was bending my elbow in my wrist back, as he was hitting me with the spinning back kick. That is his best move. He spins and he kicks you. I can only imagine if he was throwing these strikes to my arms and to my ribs. It would be very difficult to overcome.

As far as the gap in reaction time from his kicks when compared to his jab, results came back showing that there wasn't much difference -- backing McGregor's claim -- but the power generated by his feet almost doubled when compared to his fists.

If that doesn't impress you, perhaps his movement results will.

When compared to champion golfer, Rory Mcllroy, McGregor's "angular velocity" in his hips -- which helps him generate power -- blows Rory's out of the water. Basically, "Conor is elite compared to the elites."

It's no Sports Science, but are you buying the science behind the hype?