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Ben Henderson claims UFC never told him Eddie Alvarez was hurt, booked Donald Cerrone without asking

It wasn't until after "Cowboy" sent him a friendly text that "Smooth" was aware of the last-minute switcharoo.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Ben Henderson, much like Donald Cerrone, is a "fight anywhere, anytime" type of guy.

Still, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion would appreciate somewhat of a notice if his opponent is hurt and he's in line to fight someone else.

According to "Smooth," no one from the promotion informed him -- or any member of his team -- when Eddie Alvarez had to bow out of their 155-pound scrap -- which was set to go down this weekend at UFC Fight Night 59 -- and that he was subsequently replaced by the aforementioned Cerrone.

As Benson told FOX Sports, he learned of the news after "Cowboy" sent him a text that threw him for a loop.

"I didn't hear about it from the UFC at all. No one officially called me or called my manager or my coach. No one consulted with us or asked us if we would take the fight first. It was actually Cowboy who texted me first saying 'Hey bro, nothing personal, it's just business, nothing but love,' and I said 'Oh, cool'. I had no idea what he was talking about. I go on Twitter and look it up and go 'Oh, I see, Eddie Alvarez just got hurt.' So I said 'See you in Boston in a couple of weeks.' "

What's with all the secrets?

Ben, though, isn't trying to make a big fuss about the situation, as he is always down to fight. But he did admit that the fact that no one informed him of the situation or even bothered to ask him if he would accept the fight, kind of surprised him.

"That's how I found out. Anytime, anywhere, anybody in the 155-pound division, let's do it. I'll fight anybody tomorrow. Five-round fight? Let's do it. I'll fight anybody. Cowboy on two weeks notice? No problem. I was a little surprised of the process and how it went down and how I found out. I wasn't asked or anything, but it is what it is. I like to roll with the punches."

With a win over "Smooth," Cerrone will put himself in a good position for a shot at the division title and perhaps a rematch against Anthony Pettis. As for Henderson, a victory will put him back in the win column after dropping his previous bout to Rafael dos Anjos (video).

In his view, if Ben can stop Donald's six-fight win streak, it should be enough to get him back in the title picture, as well.

"I leave that up for you to say. I'm not the writer or the pundit, who am I to say? I will say yes, Cowboy's on a six-fight win streak and I'm off a loss. They are throwing his name up there a lot for a title shot, so after I beat him I plan on being right back up there. Being the former champ, and after putting an exclamation point by beating Cowboy, I plan on being right back up there."

Benson already has two wins over Cerrone, defeating him twice in the span of six months under the now-defunct World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) banner back in 2009-2010.

A possible third victory over "Cowboy," however, could be his biggest one yet.

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