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Don Frye on UFC lawsuit: 'Once these guys get payoff checks wiggled in front of them, they're gonna be gone'

How many checks does it take for a lawsuit to go away?

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Looking for a big payday?

Join in on the class-action lawsuit that was recently levied against Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and you just may get your wish. That's according to Don Frye, who spoke to Submission Radio on the recent legal woes his former employer is facing.

According the Frye, the plaintiffs -- which include Jon Fitch, Cung Le, and Nate Quarry and initiated by Carlos Newton -- will walk away from further legal procedures once ZUFFA starts waving payoff checks in front of their faces.

"You know, all I know about it is what I've read on the internet like everybody else. And I think once these guys get a check wiggled in front of them, they're going to bounce out. They're going to take their check, and they're going to run," said Frye.

"It's not going to last. I mean let's face it, UFC can litigate you until your great grandchildren die of old age, you know? There's no law firm that's gonna take something like that on a percentage basis," proclaimed Frye.

"And once UFC tells these guys, 'Hey I'll give ya half a million dollars, and a million dollars to walk away,' these guys are gonna take it and go buy themselves a boat and be gone," he added.

Perhaps that's what Pablo Garza and Brandon Vera were hoping for when they decided to join their ex-colleagues in the charge against UFC (details).

During opening statements (which you can read here) announcing the suit, the common theme suggested that the plaintiffs were going up against the MMA giant in order to help all of the current and upcoming fighters.

While that may be noble and admirable, Frye says he "wipes his ass" with that notion, inferring that they are all looking out for number one.

"Whenever I hear someone say, 'I'm doing it for the fighters, I'm doing it for the other athletes, I'm doing it for everybody else, I'm doing it for the little guy,' I wipe my ass with that comment. You know what, as soon as they get money, they're going to go."

That may not be the case, though, as ZUFFA isn't planning on laying down and rolling over for anyone, as it recently announced that they have hired the "powerhouse" law firm of Boies, Schiller and Flexner LPP (details), to lead the charge in the upcoming legal proceedings.

And judging by the firm's credentials, they aren't too keen on dishing out hush money and ZUFFA is obviously gearing up for a lengthy courtroom battle.

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