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Video: UFC commentator Joe Rogan offended by fake WWE 'bulls--t' and the 'strange' guys who watch it

"You know what else would stun that audience? A simple card trick. It's all planned out, it's obvious. [Wresting] is some weird, fucking jerk-off thing that strange guys do, sit in front of the TV and pretend they don't know it's fake. You're pretending. You don't want to know. You shut that part of your brain off. I'd watch lions killing gazelles on television because that's real. I need real. I can't get entertained by fake. When you watch Game of Thrones and you watch a guy get his head cut off, you know what it looks like? It looks like a guy actually getting his head cut off. It looks real. When I watch wrestling, and I see a guy get hit and go, 'UGH!' and turn to the crowd, I know that's bullshit. It's offensive to me."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan has no love for professional wrestling and can't understand how so many people tune in to watch "fake" competition between grown men who are following a script and executing pre-determined storylines. True, it's no different than anything else on television, like Game of Thrones, but at least it looks real to Rogan, which I guess is all that matters in his case. Nevertheless, mixed martial arts (MMA) fans have been known to cross over to the fake side, which explains the traffic on posts like these (nine recs, bitches), but you won't get any support from Rogan or his martial arts cronies. That said, which side of the real/fake fence are you on?

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