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Ben Askren recounts the time Johny Hendricks fingered Tyron Woodley in college

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Why is Ben Askren so miffed at Johny Hendricks?

It dates back to his days as a college wrestler, when his then-teammate and current fellow mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Tyron Woodley (Missouri) was matched up against "Bigg Rigg" (Oklahoma) in the Big 12 finals, and pulled out the victory by way of sneaky finger.

From MMA Fighting:

"He has won so many matches lucky through college. ... He was wrestling my teammate Tyron Woodley in the Big 12 finals, 2005-06, somewhere around there, and [the score] was 1-1 in the third. Tyron's in on a shot, and Johny kept sticking his fingers into Tyron's mouth. So finally Tyron bites him, which he shouldn't have done, but when someone's sticking fingers in your mouth, it's like, c'mon, so he gave up a point because he bit him, and he lost the match 2-1. And it's like c'mon, is that really how you're going to lose the Big 12 finals? He was just doing sneaky shit like that all the time."


While a champion vs. champion "super fight" is unlikely, considering Askren wears gold for ONE FC in Asia while Hendricks is the UFC 170-pound straphanger, they did have a chance to spit fire at a recent weigh in event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, "Bigg Rigg" wouldn't take the bait (find out why here).

I guess it's time to stop biting pointing fingers.