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Wolfe tickets! Boxing legend goes nuts on Ronda Rousey, wants daughter to teach 'Rowdy' a lesson in pugilism

"I ain't Lucia Riker, I ain't none of them motherfuckers. I'm Anne Wolfe. I don't give a damn about her, I don't even want to talk about her. I have eight world titles in four different weight classes. Goddamn Lucia Riker is old enough to be my grandma! My daughter weighs 135. Tell her we'll go in a real, live, 100-percent boxing match. She's 9-0, ranked No. 1 in the nation. She'll whoop her motherfuckin' ass."

One of the most dangerous female boxers to ever lace up the gloves, Ann Wolfe, does not want to hear anything about Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey, or tales of "Rowdy" schooling world-champion boxers while sparring. In fact, Wolfe is willing to prove that Rousey -- or any other female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter -- is ill-equipped to stand and bang with the world's top pugilists. To that end, Wolfe has offered to put her daughter, 23-year-old Jennifer Fenn, in the line of Rousey's fire just to prove a point. Sounds crazy on paper, but it's not like we've never heard of top UFC champions trying to cross over to boxing before. Unfortunately, Fenn will have to wait until Rousey is done hurting Floyd Mayweather.

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