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Invicta 8 live results stream

Invicta returns to mixed martial arts (MMA) action TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 6, 2014) with Invicta FC 8: "Waterson vs. Tamada," live from Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri. will have have you covered with live results, play-by-play updates, and real-time coverage of the UFC Fight Pass event.

Invicta Fighting Championships (Invicta FC) will make its UFC Fight Pass debut TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 6, 2014) with a stacked line up from inside Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Invicta FC 8 will feature atomweight champion Michelle Waterson defending her 105-pound title against Japanese import Yasuko Tamada. The challenger is currently riding a three-fight winning streak while the "Karate Hottie" has claimed five in a row.

In the co-main event, Stephanie Eggink and Katja Kankaanpaa will go to war for the vacant strawweight title, while Tara LaRosa, Ediane Gomes, Tonya Evinger and Roxanne Modafferi all swing leather in online mixed martial arts (MMA) action. will provide LIVE results and real-time play-by-play coverage of the entire Invicta FC 8 card tonight (Sat., Sept. 6, 2014) starting with the UFC Fight Pass online stream at 8 p.m. ET below.

Adam here!


105 lbs.: Michelle Waterson def. Yasuko Tamada via TKO in round three.
115 lbs.: Katja Kankaanpaa def. Stephanie Eggink via submission (d'arce choke) at 2:03 of round 5
135 lbs.: Tonya Evinger def. Ediane Gomes via submission (armbar) at 3:31 of round one.
125 lbs.: Roxanne Modafferi def. Tara La Rosa via unanimous decision
125 lbs.: Dianna Bennett def. Michelle Ould via TKO at 1:34 of round two.
135 lbs.: Irene Aldana def. Peggy Morgan via  at 2:51 of round 1 (rear-naked choke)
155 lbs.: Charmaine Tweet def. Veronica Rothenhausler via TKO at 4:05 of round 1
115 lbs.: Alexa Grasso def. Ashley Cummins via unanimous decision
105 lbs.: Jodie Esquibel def. Jinh Yu Frey via split decision.
115 lbs.: JJ Aldrich def. Delaney Owen via unanimous decision.


Michelle Waterson vs. Yasuko Tamada

Round 1: They come out swinging. Waterson with a nice body kick. tamda answers. Waterson bully's her back to the cage. Waterson has Tamada hurt with a crushing knee. She shakes off the cobwebs. Waterson is on point with her attack. Drops Tamada with a front kick. Back to her feet. Waterson on the attack again. Tamada proving she cant take a punch. Waterson charges forward with a two-punch combo and a high kick. Tamada shoots for a takedown and is stuffed. Tamada lands a nice jab. Waterson very aggressive and throwing with some mean intentions. "Karate Hottie" doubles up on the jab, lands a clean kick to the tummy. Dominating round for Waterson.

Round 2: Tamada with a left cross. Waterson fainting. Nice body kick from Waterson. Waterson landing some clean and hard combinations. She's looking sharp so far, but Tamada is hanging tough. Waterson pushed her to the cage and gets in on some mauy-thai action, landing knees to the midsection. Waterson just throws her foe to the ground. Tamada clinches. Waterson escapes. Stiff jab from Tamada. Looping body shot from Waterson. Stiff right hand from Waterson lands. She called for a finish, but she is pacing herself and picking her shots. High kick lands for Waterson. And another! Tamada's right eye is badly damaged, almost swollen shut. May be a problem for her in the later rounds. Waterson lands a round kick and then a left hand. Another dominant round for the champ.

Round 3: After ringside doctor checked out Tamada's eye, they let her continue. Waterson with a powerful kick to Tama's chest. Very controlled and disciplined attack from Waterson. Right hand clips Tamada and she follows with a mauy-thai clinch and knees. If I'm Tamada, I'm trying desperately to take this to the ground, because Waterson is putting  on a clinic on the feet. Waterson connects with more muay-thai knees. NICE SPINNING BACK KICK from Waterson. She connects on another knee. Tamada is one tough fighter, others may have gone down by now. Crushing kick to the ribcage from Waterson. STREAM FREEZES, Oh Noes! .....and it's back, Nope it's gone again.  Waterson goes in for the finish?? WHAT THE? Come on! Of all things, the stream goes bezerk before the finish!!!

Final result: Michelle Waterson vs. Yasuko Tamada via TKO in round three.


Katja Kankaanpaa vs. Stephanie Eggink

Round 1: :Katja with an inside leg kick to get things going. Katja with a nice jab and she pushes Eggink to the cage. battle for position. Katja with a nice knee to the body. Effink utilizing her jab. Eggink with another strong jab. Katja trying to find her way in to close the distance. Katja takes the action to the cage. Katja looking for the single legs and she gets the takedown.  Urijah Faber in the house as guest commentator -- Eggink looking for a submission from the bottom. Closed guard. Eggink looking for the triangle choke. She may have it. Time isn't on her side though. The round comes to an end. Close round. Eggink gets it.

Round 2: Atja scores an early takedown. Eggink on her back once again. Long ground battle ensues. Back to their feet. Katja scores a two-punch combo. Atja, the smaller fighter, looks to have the power advantage. Eggink reverses position and puts Katja on the cage. They trade punches. Katja shoots in but her takedown is stuffed. Nice jab from Eggink. Katja score a huge overhand right. pace picking up. They exchange again to close the round. Kankaanpaa gets it.

Round 3: Eggink doubles up on her jabs now. Katja eats a right hand. Katja shoots in for the single leg. Eggink defends well. Action up against the cage. Eggink landing some strikes up against the fence and lands a knee. Katja gets the takedown. Eggink lands the triangle again.  It looks tight. She switch to an armbar. Katja escapes. battle continues on the ground. Eggink in half guard. Katja looking for a heel hook. Eggink's long legs got her in trouble here.  The rounds comes to an end with the fight on the ground. Eggink goes up 2-1.

Round 4: CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS! Eggink doubles up on the jab. Overhand right from her foe. Katja gets the takedown. Scramble. Up to the feet. Eggink using the jab well. Katja shoots for a takedown, but Eggink ends up in mount. Starts some ground and pound. Eggink takes her back and continues her assault. Ref creeping in. Eggink aggressive with her GNP. Katja survives. Eggink looking for the rear-naked choke. Katja in full turtle mode. Eggink isn't letting up. She's landing clean, but the ref is insisting her to watch the back of the head. Eggink pours it on again to close the round. Dominating round for Eggink.

Round 5: The crowning of a new strawweight champ is near! Katja lands an takedown. She's looking for a d'arce choke. Eggink is in trouble. Katja relentless. Eggink TAPS!!!!! Wow, what a come-from-behind win for Kankaanpa.

Final result: Katja Kankaanpaa def. Stephanie Eggink via submission (d'arce choke) at 2:03 of round 5


Ediane Gomes vs. Tonya Evinger

Round 1: Evinger opens up with a right hand. Gomes puts her up against the cage. Evinger gets the trip for the takedown. She looks for a toehold, while Gomes seeks a heel hook. Back to their feet. Evinger with a clean inside leg kick. Evinger gets a takedown. Side control. Gomez looking for an armbar. Evinger out of danger. Back to the feet and Gomes eats a kick to the dome on her way up, Evinger gets another takedown. Gomes looking for a guillotine. Evinger lands a huge elbow on Goems as she delivers the ground-and-pound. She gets an armbar. Gomes is in trouble, and Gomes taps! WOW!!! Evinger looked like a women possessed and got what she was looking for.

Final result: Tonya Evinger def. Ediane Gomes via submission (armbar) at 3:31 of round one.


Tara La Rosa vs. Roxanne Modafferi

Round 1: This one to break the 1-1 tie between them. Jab from Modafferi. La Rosa with a front kick. La Rosa stalking Modafferi. A weak kick from Modafferri and she eats a stiff jab. La Rosa all smiles in there. Super-woman punch attempt from La Rosa. Nice kick from Modafferi, La Rosa goes in wild, to no success. Front kick from La Rosa. Modaferi trying to establish her jab. Modaferri with a nice two-punch combination. Good body kick from Modafferi. La Rosa with back-to-back inside kicks. Modafferi isn't shy about letting her hands go. She bulls in with some offense, but can't land cleanly. La Roda picking up the pace and eats a strong right hand from Modafferri. Some good back and forth action. Modafferi may have got the better of it.

Round 2: Modafferi lands nice kick to the body. la Rosa lands a right hand. Now they exchange taunts. La Rosa still smiling, but Modafferi all business in there, for the most part. Plenty of movement from both women, but no action, as far as landing strikes is concerned. Modafferi lands another kick to the ribs of La Rosa. La Rosa doing a whole lot of jumping around, don't know why. Taunting, underestimation, perhaps? Front kick for La Rosa. Modafferi strong with her kicking game tonight. La Rosa tags Modafferi with a right hand after Roxi whiffs on her attack. La Rosa with yet another front kick. Modafferi may have stole that round with her output.

Round 3: Modafferi still looking light on her feet. Modaferri FLOORS La Rosa with a clean shot, but doesn't go in for the kill!? What the? La Rosa back to her feet. Back at it they go. Modaferri finding success with her kicks to the body.  Modaferri lands a clean right hand again. She is looking sharp. La Rosa whiffs on another super-woman punch, la Rosa clips her foe with a huge overhand right. Modafferi eats it. La Rosa with, you guessed it, another super-woman punch attempt. Modafferi not slowing down, despite being up on the scorecards, we think. La Rosa trying desperately trying to land that overhand right. La Rosa is very in love with that punch. Modafferi with a beautiful right hand. Another kick from Roxy and La Rosa needs to make it happen now. Time runs out. Modaferri should have this one to win the series and more importantly, snap her six-fight losing streak.  La Rosa, again, dancing and smiling inexplicably after the final bell. Not sure why, she lost that bout.

Final result: Roxanne Modafferi def. Tara La Rosa via unanimous decision


Michelle Ould vs. DeAnna Bennett

Round 1: Feeling out process. Bennett puts Ould up against the cage. Ould reverses position. Ould sneaks in a couple of strikes as the fight for position. Knees from Bennett. Ould is feeling them as she try to block them as she wince. They separate. Bennett taking her time, looking for an opening. Bennett takes Ould to the ground after she catches her kick attempt. Bennett looks to posture. Ould looking for an armbar. More defending from both women. Bennett back up to her feet. Ould with some up-kicks to keep her foe at bay. Franklin brings them back to the feet.  Nice two-punch combo from Ould. Overhand right from Ould. Bennett tries to counter with no success. Nice body kick from Ould. Bennett land a clan overhand right and ends the round with some vicious knees to the body from the mauy-thai clinch. Bennett wins the round.

Round 2: Not a whole lot of action to begin the second frame. Ould misses on her overhand right. Kick-punch combo attempt from Bennett. Bennett goes in and lands a crushing kick to the ribs on Ould that floors Her. She is down in agony and the ref goes in to stop the fight. The stoppage victory comes shortly after her corner calls for a "highlight." Bennett delivers.

Final result: Dianna Bennett def. Michelle Ould via TKO at 1:34 of round two.


Peggy Morgan vs. Irene Aldana

Round 1: Morgan with a clear height and reach advantage. Aldana lands with a nice combination that floors Morgan! Aldana storms in and lands a knee. Aldana looking for the finish as she unloads with the strikes as Morgan is pressed against the cage. Morgan seems to be recovered. Back to the center of the cage. Aldana lands a strong right that FLOORS Morgan again! Aldana goes in for the kill and Morgan is a bloody mess. Aldana goes in for the rear-naked choke and Morgan taps! WOW, great performance from Aldana.

Final result:  Irene Aldana def. Peggy Morgan via first-round submission at 2:51 (rear-naked choke).


Charmaine Tweet vs. Veronica Rothenhausler

Round 1: NOTE: This is the first ever Invicta Lightweight fight. Tweet eats jab. Rothenhausler lands a right hand. Tweet answers with a low kick. Rothenhausler whiffs on a spinning back fist. Tweet stumbles, regains balance. Rothenhausler a lot of fainting. Tweet with a outside kick and then a body kick. Tweet lands a hard right hand. Roth looks dazed. Rothenhausler is recovered and she answers with her own strikes. Tweet scores a takedown. She's in side control, gets to mount position. She takes Rothenhausler's back. Softening her up with some strikes. Flattens her out.  Tweet raining down some heavy strikes. Rothenhausler hanging on. Tweet is relentless and the ref has no choice but to step in and put a stop to it. Dominating victory for "Not So Sweet" Tweet.

Final result: Charmaine Tweet def. Veronica Rothenhausler via technical knockout (TKO) at 4:05 of Rd. 1


Ashley Cummins vs. Alexa Grasso

Round 1: They open up swinging.  They exchange jabs. Grasso with a nice right and Cummins shoots in for the takedown. Grasso defends well for a bit before getting put on her back. Back to the feet and she eats a knee to the head. Grasso with her back to the cage. Cummins lands a strong right, Grasso eats it and their back to the center of the cage. High kick from Grasso and Cummins responds with a right hand before landing another takedown. Cummins in guard. Grasso looks for a guillotine and then quickly switches to an armbar attempt as Cummins tried to get up. Cummins stacks Grasso but she isn't letting go. Grasso throwing some strikes from hr back while holding on to the armbar. Grasso is relentless but Cummins hanging tough. That arm is in trouble. Grasso lets it go to close the round. Cummins started strong, but Grasso ended stronger to get the round. Cummins has a HUGE knot on her right cheek.

Round 2: Grasso with a weak kick to the body. Cummins shoots in for the takedown, Grasso defends well. Knee from Cummins and Grasso lands a nice elbow to the dome. In the clinch, Cummins lands some powerful body shots. Grasso escapes and back to the center. Nice straight right from Grasso lands. Nice high kick from Cummins, Grasso eats it and lands a clean straight. Cummins shoots in again, Grasso defends well. Grasso showing the cleaner striking technique, but hasn't managed to land in this round. Very weak low kick from Cummins. Grasso circling and stuffs another takedown attempt. With her back to the cage, Grasso lands a nice knee. Nice two-punch combo from Gross lands. Cummins eats another punch to the damaged cheek bone. Cummins presses against the cage and lands powerful right hand. Grasso steals this one, barely.

Round 3: Grasso clearly looks to be the fresher fighter, no signs of fatigue whatsoever. Grasso lands a cross.Grasso with a body shot, Cummins looks to for the takedown, but to no avail. Grasso pushing her jab as Cummins shoots in to close the distance. Grasso stuffs another takedown and lands a two-punch combo. Grasso up against the cage,lands some elbows while she's there. Nice strong elbow from Grasso, once again on the damaged cheek. Grasso eating some punches as Cummins picking up the pace. Grasso herself now has a knot on her left eye. Cummins goes in with a nice combination.  Grasso lands a nice right on the nose of Cummins. Cummins shoots in for the takedown, stuffed. Grasso is picking up the intensity. Cummins bleeding from her nos, those jabs are taking a toll on it. Grasso lands some nice punches to close the round. It wasn't exactly dominating, but Grasso systematically picked her foe apart on the feet.

Final result: Alexa Grasso def. Ashley Cummins via unanimous decision


Jodie Esquibel vs. Jinh Yu Frey

Round 1: Rich Franklin's brother gets the action started. Esquibel light on her feet. Cross down the center whiffs. Both women catching air on their first strikes. Nice hook from Frey and Esquibel follows with a nice straight left. Frey with a nice inside kick. Esquibel has some pretty good, boxing -style footwork, but has yet to land a clean shot. Frey with a nice combination. Esquibel land a nice right hand, Fery lands a high knee that FLOORS Esquibel. Frey going in for the kill. She gets her back and sinks in a rear-naked choke. Esquibel doesn't look like shes in trouble as shes defending well. Frey relentless on the submission attempt, but it seems Esquibel will survive the round. Esquibel switches position and gets guard and lands some ground-and-pound to end the round. Frey gets the round thanks to the knockdown.

Round 2: Frey with a nice right straight. Esquibel doing a lot of fainting, but doesn't commit to letting her fists fly. Frey whiffs on a left hook as Esquibel throws another right cross. Frey is swing with some evil intentions, but can't find her mark. Esquibel, the shorter fighter, can't seem to close the distance in order to let her offense go. Frey, on the other hand, doing great keeping her at bay with the jab. Nice left from Esquibel and Frey barely grazes her foe's forehead with a high knee. NOTE: This is Frey's first time going into the second round in her pro career. Back to the action. Frey lands a nice Frey lands a nice left hook and Esquibel keeps coming forward, but just can't close the distance. Esquibel lands a nice high kick. Not a whole lot of action there, but I have to give it to Frey.

Round 3: Esquibel needs to pick up the pace if she wants to get the "W." Frey again using the jab to her advantage. Esquibel storms in and lands a nice two-punch combination, and pops back out.  Frey is hesitating to let her hands go, as a much more aggressive Esquibel is swinging with intent. With lower center of gravity to her advantage, I'm surprised Esquibel doesn't go in for the takedown. Frey eats a right hand and whiffs on her counter attack. Either Frey is content with thinking she is up two rounds to none, or she's gassed, becasue she has yet to show any offensive attack in the final round. Nice right from Esquibel. She lands another strong right hand that cuts Frey. Esquibel smells ( and sees) blood and she is picking up the intensity. Esquibel with an over-right hand.  Nice high kick from Esquibel and follows it up with a nice right hand to close the round. Excellent round from Esquibel, but I'm afraid it was a little too late.

Final result: Jodie Esquibel def. Jinh Yu Frey via split decision.


Delaney Owen vs. JJ Aldrich

Round 1: Two points for Owen for walking out to voice-overs of "Taken" and "The Dark Knight" with her walkout music. The action gets underway right away. They meet in the center of the cage and start exchanging. Owen has her takedown stuffed and in turn gets taken down.  Back to the feet. They exchange knees. Up against the cage and Aldrich with some nice knees to the midsection of Owens.  Aldrich stuffs a takedown attempt with a Chuck Liddel style-sprawl. Right cross from Aldrich. Owen tries another takedown with no success. Owen bull rushes Aldrich to the cage and narrowly avoids an kick to the face for her troubles. Nice front kick from Aldrich.Very, very close round, but I'd have to give it to Aldrich for landing cleaner strikes.

Round 2: Nice cross from Aldrich to get things going in round two. Owen again content with staying in the clinch, but hasn't managed to do anything with it. Aldrich has some nice knees to Owen, and another, as Own simply can't get off. They separate, only to go back into the clinch. Aldrich with some nice knees and own lands a nice hip toss to get side control. Aldrich escapes and gets Owen's back. She has the hooks in as she looks for the rear-naked choke. Owen defending well so far. Aldrich has a nice triangle lock that has Owen's arm trapped as she eats some punches to the kisser. Aldrich not giving up on the submission. She sinks in a cross face, but other than some squirming, Owen is okay. Aldrich still looking for the choke as Owens defends well. Aldrich gives up the choke and quickly gets munt and starts landing some ground-and-pound to close off the round. Dominating round for Aldrich.

Round 3: Aldrich with a nice inside leg kick. Owen again looks for the clinch and eats some knees. On the way down she eats a solid knee to her face but brushes it off. Owen desperately trying for the single leg takedwon. Aldrich reverses position and now has Owen against the cage. Owen with a nice knee. She should consider a different game-plan if she wants to pull out a win, the clinch isn't working and has yet to land a takedown and she is down 2-0. Owen eats another knee to the midsection, her stomach will be feeling that tomorrow. Aldrich gets a takedown of her own and is in half-guard. Two seconds into the takedown, the ref asks her to work. Okay!? Aldrich back to her feet and lands some strikes to a down opponent. Owen looking for a heel hook and she keeps eating some punches for her troubles. Aldrich looks for a finish as she pours on the ground-and-pound with 20 seconds left. Own is tough and survives. Aldrich wins another round easily for the 3-0 sweep.

Final result: JJ Aldrich def. Delaney Owen via unanimous decision.


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