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Report: Thiago Silva cleared of all charges stemming from 'armed' police standoff in Florida

And it's all thanks to an uncooperative victim.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight contender, Thiago Silva, now has three straight wins under his belt.

His latest victory, however, didn't come inside the Octagon, but rather in the court system, as TMZ Sports reports that all the charges that were levied against the Brazilian following his arrest on Feb., 6, 2014 -- which came after a standoff with Fort Lauderdale, Fla., police -- have been thrown out.

Check it out:

He was initially charged with attempted murder -- but that charge was quickly thrown out. Instead, Silva was hit with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. But, TMZ Sports has learned ... prosecutors decided to nuke those charges as well -- which means Silva is essentially off the hook. The Broward County Attorney's Office tells us ..."All charges against Thiago Silva were dropped. The victim was uncooperative, and investigators determined that she has likely moved out of the country. Silva's attorney, Scott Saul, says the fighter has always proclaimed his innocence and is looking forward to moving on with his life. 'Thiago was described as some sort of rabid bird, [the allegations] made him look like a crazy person.  But he was not,' Saul says.

The drama all began when Silva allegedly stormed into the Brazilian jiu-jitsu school of Pablo Popovitch "armed" with a weapon and shouting threats. This, after Silva discovered that his wife, whom he was separated with at the time, was in a relationship with Popovitch.

Read full police report here.

Upon leaving the gym, Silva allegedly proceeded to barricade himself in his home. Local authorities then alerted the tactical SWAT team, including a helicopter, which surrounded his home in what was initially described as an "armed standoff."

The Brazilian was ultimately apprehended/surrendered, but not without first "resisting" an officer (see his mugshot here).

While it may be a glorious day for Silva, who was previously under house arrest, he'll likely have a hard time gaining employment in the MMA world, as UFC President Dana White swore to never have him back.

He won't have better luck with Bellator, as the new regime has already shown they intend to stay as far away as possible from any negative publicity that involves domestic violence.

For more on this saga, including updates at every turn over the course of the last seven months, check out our comprehensive Silva-inspired story stream here.

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