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Coach: Ben Henderson moving to welterweight to avoid 'irritating' weight cut


Remember when former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight titleholder Ben Henderson wanted to move up to 170 pounds for a "super fight" against Georges St. Pierre?

Well, that isn't happening anytime soon (told you so), but just because he can't get his hands on "Rush" doesn't mean "Smooth" has completely abandoned his quest to compete as a welterweight.

That's according to Henderson's coach, John Crouch, who told UFC Tonight the current weight cut is "irritating" for the ex-champ. And now that Bendo has been eliminated from the 155-pound title chase -- thanks to a (somewhat) controversial knockout loss to Rafael dos Anjos last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- there is no point in sticking around.

So ... when and where?

That all depends on his next fight. Henderson (21-4) intends to have one last fight as a lightweight to avoid leaving the division on a loss, so it's up to UFC matchmakers to iron out the details. A late 2015 debut in the land of (slightly) bigger men is probable.

But do you think Henderson can be a force at 170 pounds?

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