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New video surfaces of Thiago Silva cocking gun, arguing with ex-wife

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is probably glad it got rid of Thiago Silva when it did (the second time), as his ex-wife, Thaysa Kamiji, continues to release videos that paint the light heavyweight mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in a not-so-flattering light.

This latest offering shows Silva cocking his gun while Kamiji tries to reason with him (via MMA Fighting):

Silva: I have (the gun) in my pocket. I didn't do anything.

Kamiji: You're holding it. For the love of God.

Kamiji: Why are you doing this? Give me the gun.

Silva: Okay, I will give you the gun. Stop. Stop. Police are here.

Kamiji: I would never call the police.

Silva: Stop, you called the police. I know.

Kamiji: Stop grabbing my arm. Stop. I never lied to you.

Silva: Take it, I will give you the gun. There's bullet in it, there's bullet in it.

Kamiji: Stop it, Thiago. Stop it. For the love of God.

Silva was arrested earlier this year for domestic assault, but the case was abandoned when Kamiji refused to cooperate with prosecutors and fled the country. He was briefly reinstated by UFC on Sept. 6, but then quickly released again as new information presented itself.

Much more on this story right here.

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