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UFC's Anthony Johnson apologizes for meltdown, but insists he's innocent following domestic violence allegations

Esther Lin

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson had a brief meltdown yesterday, using salty language to describe his indefinite suspension from mixed martial arts (MMA), following allegations from the mother of his children that accuse "Rumble" of domestic violence.

See how it all went down right here.

"I want to apologize to everybody for my language yesterday," Johnson wrote on his official Facebook page. "It really sux being accused of something I didn't do. So plz forgive my reaction to the whole situation. My day will come that I can prove I'm innocent. Thank you for the support! Without the fans and my close friends/family I wouldn't be able to function. I love you all...."

Johnson will undoubtedly have an uphill battle.

Maybe not in the court of public opinion, but the legal system may take some convincing. That's because Johnson already has a stain on his record from 2009, when "Rumble" plead no contest to misdemeanor assault charges and was forced to undergo domestic violence counseling.

This latest accusation -- which came with a restraining order -- alleges a separate incident in 2012.

Domestic violence has been in the news as of late, after high-profile cases like Ray Rice, among others, rocked the NFL. So too, have UFC and MMA been under the microscope, after Thiago Silva made headlines for his dust up with the law, along with War Machine and Josh Grispi, just to name a few.

All parties are innocent until proven guilty, or until a video tape surfaces that makes the promotion look bad.

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