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UFC video uncovers cocaine and heroin in Dana White's office, stuffed inside an automatic weapon

You know that piece of artwork you have in your office?

Yeah, it's nowhere near as cool as what Dana White has in his UFC lair, which he calls "the most testosterone-filled office on earth." The leader of the mixed martial arts (MMA) world granted access to the gang at Jetset Magazine, who give fight fans a rare glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at the ZUFFA headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That includes "legit drugs" and guns wrapped in money.

"That's a gun that's taped up in dollar bills. What this piece of art represents is ... literally on the other side on that clip, those are all real drugs in there. There's cocaine, black tar heroin, and a bunch of other actual legit drugs that are in the clip over there. It represents what war is really all about. What happens as a result of war. It's all about money, what happens to the soldiers who go over and fight, most of them become addicted to drugs or messed up somehow. So it's pretty cool what this piece of art represents."

It represents a guy who has a shitload of money who can afford that kind of art without being arrested.

I'm not hating, just wondering ... is UFC hiring?

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