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Michael Bisping: 'I ain't Jon Jones, what you see is what you get'

Matt King

Michael Bisping wasn't hacked, isn't turning heel, and sure as hell won't be apologizing for anything he's said or done throughout his mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

Well, almost.

That's because Bisping -- who fights Luke Rockhold later this year in Australia -- is just like the company he works for, "as real as it gets," which separates him from other top stars in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), like light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones.

"The Count" elaborates to Submission Radio:

"I get under (Rockhold's) skin and I tell you what, I get such a kick out of it 'cause I just know his blood is boiling, and I love it. Of course it's more fun to sit here and say what's on your mind as opposed to being one of those guys that's, you know, just trying to say the right thing. You know I ain't Jon Jones, you know what I mean? What you see is what you get. No offense to Jon Jones, he's a nice guy. But people kinda say he's fake and this and that. I've always found Jon to be a very nice guy, but with me, certainly you can't accuse me of that. I certainly say what's on my mind, unfortunately."

King of the sound bites.

Bisping and Rockhold nearly came to blows earlier this month in Sydney, while both fighters were "Down Under" to promote their upcoming middleweight main event on Fight Pass (details). They definitely have a legitimate beef -- perhaps dating back to 2012 -- and don't expect these two to kiss and make up after the fight.

Oh, and watch out for flying loogies.

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