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Video: Rani Yahya gets real in face of 'Brutal' death threat from Johnny Bedford in Brazil

"He said, ‘Do you think I'm afraid of you? I'm going to kill you.' I don't know when he saw that because I never asked him if he was afraid of me. So he showed me that he was afraid. I'm afraid, too. I have fear but the difference is I admit that because I'm a human being and I use that fear in my favor."

I don't know what had Johnny Bedford all riled up this week in Brasilia. After all, it's not his fault his first fight against Rani Yahya was changed to a No Contest (find out why here). Or maybe this was a power play heading into their UFC Fight Night 51 rematch last night (Sat., Sept. 13, 2014) in Brazil? Either way, the plan backfired, as "Brutal" was put away in the second frame by way of slick submission (full results here). Right now, the only thing that looks dead is Bedford's UFC career after three straight losses (all of them finishes).

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