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Mayweather vs Maidana 2 LIVE results: Round-by-round streaming fight updates

Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns to boxing TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 13, 2014) against perhaps his toughest challenge to date, Marcos Maidana, LIVE on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get full results and live fight coverage of "Mayweather vs. Maidana 2" right here later this evening.

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It's time.

Four months after their first showdown, Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana are set to battle once again inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) under card action will be covered play-by-play, blow-by-blow in a separate post so that we can focus on the star attractions as they enter the ring for their highly-anticipated Welterweight championship rematch. In fact, for complete "Mayweather vs. Maidana 2" under card results click here.

In the first fight, Mayweather grit his way past a relentless Maidana, earning a majority decision in his toughest fight since his first bout with the great Jose Luis Castillo. A perturbed Maidana believed he had done enough to earn the win, consistently forcing Mayweather to the ropes and battering away with left hooks and his trademark looping overhand.

Now, he gets the chance to see if he can't clear that final hurdle.


Welterweight Championship: Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana (115-112, 116-111 x2)


Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana ... The Rematch

Round one: Floyd flicks out his jab. Jab to the body. Marcos comes up short with a right. Floyd again to the gut and head. One minute in. Overhand right connects for Marcos against the ropes. Clinch. Mayweather clinches and slips doing so. Floyd steering clear of the ropes. One minute to go. Body shot from Floyd. Body shot from Marcos in return. Floyd clinches as Maidana gets him to the ropes. Body jab from Mayweather. Bell. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round two: Floyd still actively circling. Maidana right to the body. Flurry inside. Maidana body blow. Body jab. 1-2 down low. They trade inside. One minute in. Floyd jabs the body. Clinch. Maidana lands a right to the body. Clinch. Mayweather avoids a combo. Counter right by Floyd connects. Body jabs. Floyd clinches. One minute to go. 1-2 from Floyd. Floyd circles free of a combo. Body jab. 1-2 from Floyd. Left hook blocked. Hard counter straight. Maidana lands against the ropes before Floyd circles away. 20-18 Mayweather.

Round three: Left hook from Floyd. Maidana swinging in the corner, nothing lands clean. Floyd clinches. Floyd with a pair of counters. Good right hand. One minute in. Straight from from Marcos. Straight right and clinch from Floyd. Uppercut by Mayweather. Nice counter straight. Stiff jab. Marcos with an overhand right, clinch. Clinch form Floyd. Marcos goes to the body. One minute to go. Clinch. Straight right by Mayweather. Marcos 3-2. Stiff jab from Maidana. Floyd right hand. Clinch. Marcos buzzes Floyd with a 1-2 at the bell. 30-27 Mayweather.

Round four: Floyd continuing to move very well. Left from Floyd, Marcos tries to flurry and gets tied up. Marcos lands on the ropes with some body shots and overhands. Good body shots form the Argentinian. One minute in. Floyd clinches. Right hands by Marcos. Both land body shots. Maidana misses with a 1-2. Rights upstairs from Marcos. Floyd clinches. Again in the corner. One minute to go. Floyd jabs the body. Nice straight by Floyd, Marcos lands an overhand. Floyd hook just misses. Mayweather body shot. Nice counter by Floyd. Clinch. Right hand up top from Marcos, Floyd lands a right uppercut. Floyd to the body. Marcos left hand and Floyd body shot at the bell. 39-37 Mayweather.

Round five: Floyd with a lead left hook. Counter straight from Mayweather. 1-2 by Mayweather. 1-2 by Maidana. STraight right from Floyd. One minute in. Floyd cracks him with a left. Lead right hand and clinch. Floyd avoids a 1-1-2. Marcos ducks a right hand. Floyd counter right. Clinch. Maidana to the body in center ring. One minute to go. Right hand and left hook from Marcos. Floyd with a stiff jab. Chopping right from Floyd. Clinch. Maidana with a left downstairs, clinch. Bell. 49-46 Mayweather.

Round six: Mayweather jabs the body. Left hook up top. Floyd circling well, Marcos unable to take him to the ropes. Maidana with a double right hand. Clinch. One minute in. Maidana avoids a right hand as he exits the ropes. Left hook from Marcos, clinch. Counter right uppercut by Mayweather. Good cross. Mayweather avoids Marcos' advancing punches. One minute to go. Body shot by Marcos. Clinch. Mayweather 1-2. Counter combo from Marcos. Clinch. Clinch. Maidana left hooks to the body and head. Maidana whacks him with a right in the corner. 59-55 Mayweather.

Round seven: Mayweather avoids an overhand right. Floyd with some sharp lefts. Stiff jabs from both. Body shot by Marcos, Floyd clinches. One minute in. Mayweather with a right to the body. Right to the body from Maidana. Overhand right from Marcos. One minute to go. Stiff jab from Floyd. Clinch. Trade in center ring. Mayweather to the body. Uppercut downstairs. Mayweather avoids an overhand. Round ends. 69-64 Mayweather.

Round eight: Clinch as Marcos tries to move him to the ropes. Clinch. Glancing left hook by Floyd. Rights to the body and head form Marcos. Floyd left hook. Clinch. Clinch. One minute in. Right to the body from Floyd. Maidana to the gut. Clinch. 1-2 by Floyd. Maidana body shot, clinch. Again. Clinch. Nice cross and lefts form Floyd. One minute to go. Clinch. Nice overhand right form El Chino, Floyd clinches. Nice 3-2 form Maidana, Floyd comes back with a 1-2. Clinch. Floyd is yelling at Marcos and claiming he bit him. He made the same accusation last time.

Kenny Bayless informs him that he didn't see anything. Shenanigans in the corner for a while, then they continue. Mayweather counter left. Clinch. 79-73 Mayweather. The fight is now out of Marcos' reach without a knockdown.

Round nine: Maidana on the advance. Overhand right blocked. Left hook inside. Clinch. Lead right by Floyd and a clinch. One minute in. Clinch. Body shots form Marcos and a clinch. Floyd avoids a 1-2. Maidana to the body, clinch. Ref warns Maidana about low blows. Short left by Floyd. Ref warns Floyd about elbows. Maidana with a right to the body and head. Clinch. One minute to go. Floyd check hook, Maidana right hand. Clinch. Maidana to the body, clinch. 1-2 form Floyd. Clinch. Nice lead left hook from Mayweather before the bell. 88-83 Mayweather.

Round ten: Floyd with a lead uppercut. Good jab by Mayweather. Clinch. Body shot and overhand from Marcos. Glancing body blow as Floyd escapes the ropes. One minute in. Floyd with some cuffing shots around the guard. 1-2 by Floyd. Clinch. Mayweather falls over in the clinch and the ref takes a point from Marcos. I didn't see a push. They trade at close range. Marcos aggressively in pursuit, lands a right hand and body blow. Clinch. Good cross form Floyd. Clinch. Right uppercut from Mayweather. Nice overhand and body shots from Maidana. Body shot before the bell. 97-92 Mayweather.

Round eleven: Floyd counter uppercut. Clinch. Heavy liver shot by Floyd. Again, but this one went low. Floyd to the body after the reset. One minute in. Clinch. Floyd avoids trouble in the corner. 1-2 from Marcos. Maidana to the body, Floyd counter straight. One minute to go. Floyd to the body. Clinch. Marcos tries to land inside, gets a couple into the body. Clinch at the bell. 107-101 Mayweather.

Round twelve: Floyd circling effectively. Clinch. One minute in. Maidana tries to dig in the clinch, Floyd clinches. Nice right to the body from El Chino. One minute to go. Floyd clinches as Maidana tries to attack in the corner. Marcos to the body. Glancing overhand right in the corner. Clinch. 116-111 Mayweather.

Final result: Mayweather def. Maidana by unanimous decision


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