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Dana White won't penalize Tyron Woodley for turning down Hector Lombard fight

But he's only getting the free pass because "The Chosen One" did the company a solid for stepping up on short notice to take on Dong Hyun Kim at UFC Fight Night 48 last month after Lombard had to bow out due to injury.

Victor Fraile

One of the things that drives Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White crazy -- or any other fight promoter, for that matter -- is when a fighter refuses to step into the cage against a certain foe.

So you know he wasn't too happy when Tyron Woodley declined to take on Hector Lombard. Despite being upset, White didn't fly off the handle or throw Tyron under the bus like he did after he "choked" against Rory MacDonald at UFC 174.

But that's only because the welterweight standout recently stepped up on short notice to face Dong Hyun Kim a few weeks ago at UFC Fight Night 48 in Macau, China.

That's why the outspoken president told UFC Tonight he'll give Woodley a pass, for now.

"I wanted the Tyron Woodley fight, Lombard wanted the Woodley fight, Tyron Woodley doesn't want that fight. So back to the drawing board and we'll figure it out. He's adamant. Tyron Woodley is adamant that he will not fight him. I don't know what the story is, there is something crazy going on between these two. I don't know what it is. You know me, you just don't say, 'No, I'm not fighting anybody.' But, Tyron Woodley just stepped up on short notice, fought over in China, so I'll give the kid a break right now."

See, Ben Askren, White isn't so bad.

In the case of fighters training together, White has made exceptions in the past if they declined to go toe-to-toe; though he never truly gave up on trying to convince them.

But in this instance, while Woodley and Lombard do both train under the American Top Team (ATT) banner, Lombard recently told MMA Junkie that "The Chosen One" isn't a "full time" ATT member, saying he just makes the flight from St. Louis to Florida from time-to-time to use the gym.

Woodley has yet to comment on White or Lombard's remarks, so it will be interesting to see if and when he chooses to reveal why he's opposed to facing "Showeather."

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