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Race Gate! Joe Rogan rips MMA media for misquoting his racism theory on Jon Jones in the name of 'click bait'


Looks like the MMA media has done it again.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan -- already under fire from pro wrestling fans for these incendiary comments -- is now beating back an entirely new legion of Internet trolls after his comments about Jon Jones and racism were twisted and turned for the sake of Internet click bait.

From his official Twitter account:

"I've been misquoted left & right about Jon Jones lack of popularity. I said 'I wonder how much of it is racism' key words. I didn't say Jon Jones isn't more popular because everyone that dislikes him is racist. It's a subject for debate and discussion, that's it. It's just ridiculous that legitimate mainstream outlets have misquoted me in the very title of their articles for 'click bait.'"

These MMA writers ... bunch of hacks, the lot of them.

Anyway, you can see Rogan's original comments right here at, presented IN CONTEXT -- not out -- with a fair and balanced headline (as usual). All you have to do is CLICK THESE WORDS and that will redirect you to the original post.

In fact, you should click it a couple times, just to be safe.

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