HW prospect Updates

The superHW phenom Chris "beast boy" Barnett is set to test himself against one of the best journeyman out there in Travis Wuiff at IGF 2. Wuiff fights between HW and LHW regularly and Chris Barnett has made 265 before. Not sure if this is an open weight fight or a HW scrap either way good fight and should be another impressive name to add to Barnetts record which already includes Jonathan ivey, Walt Harris, Kenny garner, and Daniel Parez.

Konstantin Erokhin won his last fight in May by first round tko. It's time for the call up to one of the major promotions.

IGF 2 is also host to a HW contest between MMA and Kickboxing Legend Mirco Cro Cop and Japanese judo specialist Satoshi Ishii. Ishii looks to add cro cop to list laundry list of veterans on his record. With wins over the likes of Tim Sylvia, Pedro Rizzo, Jeff Monson, Sean McKorckle, Phelipe De fries, Le Banner, and Fujita. His only losses came in his pro debut to yoshia and to the Last emporer 3 years ago.

Should ishii be victorious he is rumored to Fight Segei Kharitnov at the next M-1 event after a HW clash between Damain Grabowski and Marcin Tybura that is a must watch fight!

Denis Goltsov is set to face Brett Rodgers in a fight that will likely get him signed should he be victorious. On September 19th

Allen Crowder now 3-0 as a pro just beat Arnold adams earlier this month. 24 years old looks very promising.

Chris De La Rocha just defeated DJ linderman by Ko in round 1. Improving his record to 3-0 but at 36 years of age I don't know where he goes from here.

Yosef Ali Mohammed is fighting Luc Ngeleka (1-0) at Strength And Honor Championship 10 September 20th

In addition to the IGF 2 fight Chris Barnett is scheduled to fight Jon hill (5-2) for the SHW title at Island fights 2 on September 5th. That is a huge card for HW's

5-0 Dillion Clecker is also on the card his opponent is yet to be named. A former football star turned MMA fighter has finished all of his victories in the cage. In addition to (7-0) HW-SHW Chaz Morgan fighting 4-1 Mike Gordon.

HW Fights of Note on Island Fight 30 are

Dillon Clecker (5-0) vs. TBA
Jon Hill (5-2) vs. Chris Barnett (9-1) for Super Heavyweight title
Richard White (15-16) vs. Sean McCorkle (17-6)
Mike Gordon (4-1) vs. Chaz Morgan (7-0) HW
Jeremy May (9-8) vs. Ron Sparks (8-3)
Jonathan Ivey (30-51) vs. TBA
Dakota Meritt (armature champ) vs TBA HW

That's all I got for you now. I'm 2 days late so I just compiled all the news.

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