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Matt Hughes to Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier: 'What you've done is bad for the sport'

And the former nine-time champion is imploring the bitter rivals to stop talking about their melee on Twitter.

Esther Lin

Much to the dismay of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier were involved in an insane brawl during their first staredown at yesterday's (Aug., 4, 2014) media day.

See the MUST-WATCH video right here.

But the fight didn't end there, as "Bones" and "DC" took to Twitter to dissect the melee and continue the trash talk.

Bad move, according to former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes, who took to Twitter himself to call out the 205-pounders for their actions and for their need to continue to talk about it.

After retiring in 2011, Hughes went on to become the Vice President of Athlete Development and Government Relations, which means that aside from receiving a scolding from White when he returns from Bora, Bora, Jones and Cormier could be getting a phone call from Hughes, as well.

That's because one of Matt's roles is to make sure all fighters adhere to the UFC's Code of Conduct. While it doesn't take a genius to know that partaking in fisticuffs outside of the cage is part of the code, you can skim through it right here for your convenience.

This isn't the first time UFC stars have been involved in a brawl outside of the Octagon (proof), but it does feature two of its biggest stars, which means more eyeballs gravitated toward it; which isn't a good thing for mixed martial arts (MMA) as a whole, according to Hughes.

Whether or not Jones and Cormier will face any punishment ahead of their light heavyweight title fight this September at this point seems more like a case of when ... not if.

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