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Video: UFC 178's Jon Jones 'grateful' (not proud), Daniel Cormier 'upset' with media day fight

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UFC has stated that this is not a "proud day for the organization," but it can't help but roll out more and more footage of the pre-fight brawl between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier (watch video here). The latest is one-on-one interviews with both UFC 178 main event participants, explaining their sides of the story again, as well as how they feel about the disturbing situation now that the dust has settled (Jones' response kind of sounds famiilar, eh?). Still no word on possible "ramifications" for violating UFC's "Code of Conduct" because company president Dana White is on vacation in Bora Bora and, well, there are more important matters ... LIKE PROMOTING A NOW MUST-WATCH PAY-PER-VIEW FIGHT!