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UFC 177: 'Disappointed' Renan Barao slipped in the bathtub while cutting weight

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight titleholder, Renan Barao, made his first public appearance since getting scratched from his UFC 177 title fight against TJ Dillashaw, which was scheduled for Saturday night (August 30, 2014) in Sacramento, California.

See how it all went down here.

After coughing up his title at UFC 173, the Brazilian was unable to make weight while preparing for his "Sactown" rematch and landed himself in the hospital. While details were sketchy on what exactly transpired, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan was able to get it straight from Barao following the UFC 177 "Prelims" bouts on FOX Sports 1.

His words:

"I was dehydrating in the bathtub, I fainted, I hit my head, I was taken to the hospital. I don't remember anything that happened before or after, I just remember being waken up in the hospital. I was fine, my weight was around what I regularly come in for a fight. Everything was fine, everything was going great. The whole thing was I hit my head in the bathtub. I've had 35 fights cutting weight this method, it's always been fine for me. The whole problem is I got up too fast and I blacked out, so that was the whole issue. [I cut] around 10 kilos. I'm very sad to not be fighting, this was a dream come true. I'm very disappointed and I want to come back and I want to face TJ. He's been saying a lot of things and I want to come and tear his head off. I'm disappointed to let down the UFC and all the fans who came out and I want to make [Dillashaw] eat everything he's been saying about me."

That could be awhile.

Following the incident, which saw newcomer Joe Soto get promoted from the "Prelims" card, UFC President Dana White told the mixed martial arts (MMA) media that Barao would not be granted a title shot upon his return (those comments here).

As for Dillashaw?

The reigning bantamweight kingpin insisted that Barao was not sick and did not need medical attention, but instead was looking for a way out of their rematch, because he was "scared" to fight "The Viper" for a second time, after getting finished back in May.

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