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Nate Diaz UFC update: Manager Mike Kogan says 'right now, nobody's talking to anybody'

Well, that sounds encouraging.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was able to lure Nick Diaz out of retirement -- despite his state of chronic disgruntlement -- there was hope that his younger brother Nate would soon follow.

Wishful thinking.

In fact, not only is the younger Diaz no closer to making his Octagon return, he's not even having dialog with UFC, or its fiery president Dana White. That's according to manager Mike Kogan, who called in to Submission Radio to shed some light on the chasm that separates fighter and promotion.

"No, right now nobody's talking to anybody. I mean, Dana made it very clear that Nate should be happy with what he has and he doesn't see any reason to even discuss it, he's not really as popular as I guess we believe he is, and that was that, we just kind of stopped there. So right now no, nobody's talking to anybody. Dana said Nate had the lowest rated fight in FOX history which is not true, that was Demetrious Johnson... I don't hold grudges, it's whatever. Dana probably holds grudges, he probably doesn't really like me very much but what can I do? Nothing I can do about it. This thing, it wasn't supposed to be played out in the media. I mean, we tried to have a private conversion a long time ago, and instead of having it, UFC started trashing Nate to media, saying he's turning down fights, and he's afraid, and this that and whatever, to which we responded. Now it's like Jerry Springer. If you're gonna be out there trashing my guy, then I'm gonna say something. I'm not just gonna be sitting back like 'oh yeah you know, we're so blessed to be breathing this air.' There are fighters out there, you know like 'Cowboy,' and he's all like 'well you know, they can just sit around and bitch all they want, I'll just keep fighting every two days and make all the money in the world.' Why would you want to do that If you can make the same amount of money fighting three times a year? I mean, do you really enjoy getting punched in the face that much? It's just like, I don't know, it doesn't make any sense."

White was unfazed by the scrappy lightweight's non-violent protest (because of this).

Diaz (17-9) joined the promotion over seven years ago after winning season five of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). While he came up short in his bid to dethrone Ben Henderson of the 155-pound title in late 2012, he does hold wins over Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller, among others.

And he's a fan favorite.

But we're fast approaching the one-year mark since he last did work inside the cage, a technical knockout win over Gray Maynard in November 2013. While things can (and often do) change in an instant in this business, it' hard not to feel discouraged by this latest update.

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