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Donald Cerrone responds to 'dumb comments' from Bobby Green: 'I have three black guys who live with me'

"A Twitter beef," according to Cerrone, "means nothing."

Steve Snowden

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender Donald Cerrone is aware that fellow 155-pound title hopeful, Bobby Green, accused him of groping female fans at the UFC Fan Expo, while also making racist comments within the "King's" earshot.

See those accusations here.

"Cowboy" responded to what he referred to as "dumb comments" and insists he's not a touchy-feely creep, nor is he a racist. After all, if he was guilty as charged, why has no one come forward to complain? And what kind of racist shares a house with different races?

From his conversation with Sherdog:

"That was two years ago, ya' know? Why didn't any of this come out? Why didn't a fan file a lawsuit or say, 'Yo, Cowboy is groping my wife,' c'mon. Or racist comments ... I have three black guys that live with me. So if I was racist, I couldn't even let something like that ... it's just funny to me. Talk all you want. If the fans want to believe him, go ahead. If you take Bobby Green's word, a guy who just wants to say dumb comments ... I got nothing to say to the guy other than one day I'll see you Bobby Green."

Green was supposed to throw hands with Cerrone at the UFC 178 pay-per-view (PPV) event next month in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, the organization benched him in favor of Eddie Alvarez, who jumped ship and left Bellator behind to pursue a UFC title.

That left "King" without a date to the big dance, but it sounds like he and Cerrone will eventually cross paths. Until then, are you satisfied with Cerrone's explanation?