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Live UFC 177 results

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend (Sat., Aug. 30, 2014) with UFC 177 from Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. Get complete, official "Dillashaw vs. Soto" event results, live updates and real-time coverage right here on fight night!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend (Sat., Aug. 30, 2014) with UFC 177 inside Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, Calif., featuring T.J. Dillashaw putting his newly-won Bantamweight title on the line against late-replacement Joe Soto (details here).

In the "Dillashaw vs. Soto" co-main event, Lightweight veterans Danny Castillo and Tony Ferguson will look to make the most of their high-profile opportunity to possibly enter into a Top 20 rankings conversation.

Maybe. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 177 fight card below, starting with the FOX Sports 1 "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET and then main card PPV, which is slated to begin at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 177) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Dillashaw vs. Soto."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 177 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Braiterman here with you all evening, for better and probably worse.


135 lbs.: UFC Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw def Joe Soto via KO (head kick and punch) at 2:20 of rd 5
155 lbs.: Tony Ferguson def Danny Castillo via decision (split) 29-28 x2, 28-29
135 lbs.: Bethe Correia def Shayna Baszler via TKO (punches) at 1:56 of rd 2
155 lbs.: Carlos Diego Ferreira def Ramsey Nijem via TKO (ground and pound) at 1:53 of rd 2
155 lbs.: Yancy Medeiros def Damon Jackson via submission (guillotine) at 1:54 of rd 2
185 lbs.: Derek Brunson def Lorenz Larkin via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3
265 lbs.: Anthony Hamilton def Ruan Potts via TKO (ground and pound) at 4:17 of rd 2
155 lbs.: Chris Wade def Cain Carrizosa via submission (guillotine) at 1:12 of rd 1


135 lbs.: UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw vs. Joe Soto

Round one: Shock the world or huge squash match??? About to find out. Dillashaw stalking, bouncing, looking for openings. Soto keeping the distance, being careful. Dillashaw with a low leg kick that sweeps the feet out from under Soto. Soto catches a kick, but TJ comes forward with a punch. TJ moves around on the back and is now threatening a rear naked. TJ loses the hooks as Soto climbs up, but TJ gets in a nice punch on the break. Soto ducks under a kick but can't land the takedown. Soto misses a haymaker. Right from Soto. Uppercut from TJ. Soto gets in a left hook. Soto fakes a takedown, but TJ gobbles up that feint with a couple of jabs. Dillashaw with a nice left to the liver. TJ with a 2-3. They trade lefts. Soto with a leg kick.

10-9 Dillashaw

Round two: Soto countering nicely with about three rights. Good head movement from the challenger. Leg kick from TJ. Another. Body blow from the champ. Uppercut off a fake from TJ. Jab from Soto. Soto with a right and Dillashaw with a knee. Straight left from TJ. Soto lands a clean left hook. And a jab. Right from TJ, but Soto is blocking most of the combo. A bit surprised Dillashaw hasn't tried a takedown yet. Uppercut again from TJ. TJ gets in a knee and a hook around the high guard of Soto. TJ with a fake takedown and a left that misses. There's a combo from TJ that allows TJ to back off Soto and get in a couple.

10-9 Dillashaw in a close round

Round three: Leg kick from Soto and TJ uses the opening to come forward, spamming combo punches. TJ reminds me of someone button mashing on a fighting game. He's swinging everything in bunches. TJ just threw like... a 10-piece combo and landed about half of them. Body shot and a leg kick from TJ. Two rights from Soto. Hard leg kick from the champ. Soto literally dives in on a single leg that TJ sprawls out of. Soto with a punch on the break. Both men in the pocket, but TJ is throwing four punches for every one that Soto does. TJ with the takedown in half guard. They scramble and Soto gets out of it. Jab from Soto and a right from TJ. Joe slips a superman punch attempt. TJ with a nice left hook and a knee. Soto gets in a right hand. There's a sweet jab, too. Soto tot he body and TJ ends a nice combo with a head kick that bounces Soto into the fencing.

10-9 Dillashaw

Round four: TJ again looking to Tekken Soto, but Soto's defends well and nothing lands clean. Thudding leg kick that knocks Soto off balance. Soto coming forward now. Soto checks that leg kick and that made the champ grimace. TJ jabs. Soto throws to the body. Leg kick and a triple jab thrown by Dillashaw. TJ slips into southpaw and lands two lead right jabs. They're trading in the pocket and TJ decides to get in another takedown. Full guard. Elbow from TJ and a hammerfist as Soto threw up a triangle attempt. Mission control for Soto. TJ breaks the posture and punches down. Soto scrambles and gets vertical. Dillashaw with his hands at his waist walking down a circling Soto.

10-9 Dillashaw

Round five: Soto immediately dives for a single and is unsuccessful. Head kick from TJ lands. TJ keeping the pressure on with continuous strikes. Soto hits a left, but ate about 8, maybe 10 shots either clean or partial. Soto covers up as TJ comes forward. TJ with a knee as Soto tried for a takedown. Soto coming forward now. They trade rights. TJ with some showboating. OH LAWDY that head kick about knocked Soto's eyes out of his head. Left hand follows up and that's it. Good night, Irene.

Final result: TJ Dillashaw defeats Joe Soto by KO (head kick and punch) at 2:20 of Round 5


155 lbs.: Danny Castillo vs. Tony Ferguson

Round one: Ferguson with a nice leg kick to open. Tries another, but it just glances. Castillo ducks under, but Ferguson blocks the takedown attempt. Another nice leg kick from Ferguson. Body kick. Another. Castillo with a couple rights. If Castillo keeps backing up, he's gonna keep eating kicks. Nice 1-2 from "Last Call". There's an outside kick. Another right from Castillo. Two more. They trade jabs. Ferguson slips on a kick, but is back up on his feet before Danny can get on him. They're trading nice punches here. Castillo tries for a takedown but Ferguson wraps up a D'Arce standing and drops down to try and finish. He doesn't have the angle, but he's still working on adjusting it in. Castillo is defending it so far, but there's a good 90 seconds left. 1:05 left and Castillo slips out. Side control. Half and smoothly into full guard. Ferguson active off his back. There's a nice elbow from Castillo. A good right hand, too.

10-9 Ferguson in a close round.

Round two: They both slip right hands as the round stars. Castillo with a nice combo. Ferguson with a left. Ferguson sprawls out of a takedown. Rights from both men. Ferguson with a left and a pair of leg kicks. Two lefts and a right get in for Castillo. Left again. Right-left. Left and both men slip. Ferguson lands a jump knee. Single leg attempt from Castillo and Ferguson drops for a leg lock. Castillo gets on top in side control. Ferguson regains half. Castillo bucks and rolls off the cage and nearly gets mount, but Castillo follow through and gets out from under. Ferguson with a guillotine, but Castillo gets his head out and is on top in full guard. Ferguson tries to underhook the leg. Ferg has spent all his time on his back throwing elbows, punches and is shrimping. Ferguson tries to scramble up, but can't hit the switch and is back down.

10-9 Castillo in another close round.

Round three: Ferguson gets a right and blocks a takedown. They both swing hard and miss. Ferguson strangely goes for a rolling kneebar and gives up the position. Ferguson trying for a kimura. He's using it to climb on the back briefly before Castillo gets out of it into a takedown. Castillo with a body lock and gets the takedown. Quarter guard as Ferguson wall walks. Slam from Castillo. Ferguson immediately goes for a leg and Castillo lets go to get out of it before plowing back onto Ferguson with a punch. Ferguson tries for a triangle, but Castillo gets out and lands an elbow. Ferguson swinging from his back again. Full guard. There's a couple elbows from Castillo. Castillo passes to half. 45 seconds to go. Mount.Shrimping and a nice hip escape from Tony. Castillo with one hook in on the back of Ferguson. Arm triangle attempt with 10 seconds left.

10-9 Castillo

Final result: Tony Ferguson defeats Danny Castillo via decision (split) 29-28 x2, 28-29


135 lbs.: Shayna Baszler vs. Bethe Correia

Round one: Baszler easily wins the walkout music with Metallica - The Four Horsemen. Baszler coming forward first and punches her way into the clinch. Correia with her back to the fencing. Baszler staying tight as Correia tries to get out. Baszler too aggressive dropping down and loses her balance with Bethe on top. Half guard and light GNP from the Brazilian. Full guard. Baszler with a high guard. Nearly catches Correia rolling and now has her in a triangle position. Correia defending the submission, but eating some elbows and punches. Bethe pulling out and then just bails to get them back standing. Baszler comes forward and gets hit with a left, but walks through it to get the clinch. Now into a single. Correia defending well. Wall and stall from Shayna right now. Correia reverses and breaks away. Baszler with a punch as Correia tries to move back, but Correia gets in two nice uppercuts. Baszler fails on the takedown, but Correia hangs around trying to get in punches, which allows Baszler to get the takedown. Baszler on top with a couple punches, then tries to get in a guillotine as the round ends.

10-9 Baszler

Round two: Couple of nice punches from Correia. Baszler with the clinch, but Correia defends well. Correia damaging Baszler with punches in bunches. Uppercuts. Hooks. Baszler is eating knees and all kinds of punches. Baszler is a punching bag, occasionally throwing a weak punch back. Correia keeps pouring on the punches and Baszler is doing basically nothing. John McCarthy keeps giving Baszler every opportunity to get back into the fight, but she's got nothing left. That's it.

Final result: Bethe Correia defeats Shayna Baszler by TKO (punches) at 1:56 of Round 2


155 lbs.: Carlos Diego Ferreira vs. Ramsey Nijem

Round one: Nijem aggressive to start, closing the distance quickly with punches. Ferreira weathers that and circles out. Nijem comes forward again and Carlos counters twice hard to the dome. That seems to end Nijem's aggression and he's now much more measured. Ferreira stalking now and Ramsey is circling away. Nice left hook from Carlos. Ferreira with a leg kick that Nijem counters with a straight right. Nijem catches a kick and down goes Carlos. Diego  scrambles and up they go. They surge forward and Nijem tags Ferreira with a nice right. Ferreira gets in a right as they both swing combos. Nijem ducks under the punches of Carlos and takes him down. Ramsey with a takedown, but Carlos scrambles and Nijem backs off. Diego lands a solid right to the ear that stumbles Nijem.

10-9 Nijem

Round two: Ferreira gets in a nice punch that off-balances Nijem. Ramsey tries for a takedown and is fighting hard for it. Diego sprawls and goes for a guillotine. Ramsey struggles out of it eventually and is on top. After a bit of time on top in guard, Nijem has none of it and stands back up. Nijem comes forward with punches, but Ferreira backsteps appropriately and lands a perfect right hand to the jaw of Nijem that drops him. Ferreira pounces and a couple of clean lefts later, referee Herb Dean ends it.

Final result: Carlos Diego Ferreira defeats Ramsey Nijem by TKO (punches) at 1:53 of Round 2


155 lbs.: Damon Jackson vs. Yancy Medeiros

Round one: Damon with a right, trying to close the distance. Rights by both men. Push kick from Jackson and now a takedown attempt. Yancy with an underhook to defend the takedown. Yancy working the left side of Damon's body as Jackson tries for the takedown. Yancy turns it around. Jackson with a knee. Damon turns it back. Yancy spins out. Half the round has gone by now. They knee at the same time and Yancy catches Jackson in the cup. Yancy floats to his left while whipping out a nice jab. Jackson gets in a leg kick. Sweet short left from Medeiros. Jackson initiates the clinch and they flip to Nate Diaz in Yancy's corner. Yancy showing off his great balance in fending off every Jackson takedown attempt. Double lefts from Yancy. Jackson with a knee.

10-9 Medeiros

Round two: Jackson trying hard to close the distance by spamming rights. Yancy gets in a left and circles out. Leg kick from Jackson. Superman punch from Yancy. Head kick from Damon. Medeiros throwing combos. Nice jab, too. Double feint on the jab and a right hook from Yancy. 1-2. Solid uppercut as Jackson dug in for a takedown. Yancy with a guillotine attempt as Jackson kept working for the takedown. Hoooooly snaps. The angle on that is insane - Jackson's head is on the back of Yancy and out goes Jackson!

Final result: Yancy Medeiros wins via submission (guillotine) at 1:54 of Round 2


185 lbs.: Derek Brunson vs. Lorenz Larkin

Round one: The nice thing about this leisurely pace is the ability to get in legitimate bathroom breaks without rushing back in a hurry. Larkin stuffs a takedown early, getting in a couple of shots in on Brunson early. They clinch and Brunson breaks away eventually. Big right body kick from Larkin. There he comes forward with a pair of rights. And a push kick. Larkin just misses on an uppercut and Brunson clinches with an over/under grip. Larkin showing good balance keeping up on his feet. Brunson breaks off from a takedown and hits a left. Larkin ducks down and Brunson almost ends the fight with a guillotine. Larkin gives up his back to get out of the guillotine and Brunson is now on top punching down on Larkin. Larkin rolls again and Brunson threatens a rear naked choke. Larkin peels the hand off and eventually gets onto his back. Half guard. Full guard. Rubber guard into mission control. Brunson breaks out of that and gets in some more GNP.

10-9 Brunson

Round two: Brunson clips a right that just wiggles the jaw of Larkin. Brunson with a straight punch up from a crouch. Big body kick from Larkin. Larkin evades a telegraphed takedown attempt. Brunson with a better one that he transitions into a single that gets Larkin down. Side control. Half guard. Full. Light GNP as Larkin ties up Brunson. Larkin attempts to cage walk up. Eats some rights for his trouble as he struggles, and then gives up his back as he tries to get standing. Larkin does manage to squirm free with about 80 seconds left. A right and a knee from Larkin lands before Brunson again goes for the takedown. Larkin almost throws him off, but Brunson ends up on top. There's a nice elbow from Brunson.

10-9 Brunson

Round three: Yet another loud kick to the body from Larkin. Larkin stuffs a takedown. Left from Lorenz. Brunson with a body lock and a trip with just 55 seconds elapsed in the round. Brunson fishing for an arm triangle here, but Larkin gets the arm out of there. Light GNP and an attempted stepover into mount gets blocked into the other side of half guard. Larkin tries a leglock and Brunson defends. Not much happening here as we're down to 1:45 left. Still nothing happening a minute later. Finally with 20 seconds left, they're standing. Larkin trying for all he's worth, but nada.

10-9 Brunson

Final result: Derek Brunson defeats Lorenz Larkin via decision (unanimous) 30-27 x3


265 lbs.: Anthony Hamilton vs. Ruan Potts

Round one: Potts with a pair of kicks that miss. Hamilton moves forward and tackles Potts to the ground. Potts scoots and shrimps and he's back up without taking any damage. Potts bonks a right as Hamilton moves forward into the clinch. Hamilton powers him down through a whizzer. Potts backs Hamilton off with an upkick, but then refuses to stand. The ref eventually stands him. Hamilton fakes a takedown and hits an uppercut. They break. Hamilton again feints a takedown and this time kicks Potts in the head. Potts with a low kick that gets caught and he's on his back again. Potts with an elbow to the back of Hamilton's head. Potts with some ground and pound, but then curiously backs off again. Weird. Hamilton with another takedown and another back off to the boos of the crowd. Potts comes forward and gets in a nice punch.

10-9 Hamilton

Round two: In between rounds, they showed Potts getting spiked on his head by the second takedown. Hamilton ducks under a hook and clinches into the cage. Potts tries to muscle Hamilton down, but he reverses and is again on top... and again Hamilton backs off. Once again, a low kick, and yet another time, we have Hamilton on top. This time with some occasional GNP. 6, 7, 8... 14. 17 right hands to the body. 19. 22. 26. 29. 37! Finally Potts moves a leg to try and move position. Potts' rib cage is red and broken. Another fifteen some odd right hands and the ref finally steps in to mercifully end the fight. Rogan spends a good minute absolutely trashing Potts' atrocious showing.

Final result: Anthony Hamilton defeats Ruan Potts via TKO (ground and pound body blows) at 4:17 of Round 2


155 lbs.: Cain Carrizosa vs. Chris Wade

Round one: Carrizosa comes forward guns a-blazing with punches and clinches up. Wade counters with a big Judo throw, and he's right in the scarf hold position. Wade uses head control to shut down's Carrizosa's attempt to roll out and maintains it to stay on his back. Wade switches his grip and cinches on an arm-in guillotine, first falling back into guard and then sweeping into full mount. Carrizosa appears to tap but instead goes to sleep.

Final result: Chris Wade defeats Cain Carrizosa by submission (guillotine) at 1:12 of Round 1


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