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Bobby Green accuses 'racist' Donald Cerrone of groping women at UFC Fan Expo

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"King" calls Cerrone "the most obnoxious asshole he's ever met," before firing off some pretty serious accusations.

Steve Snowden

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender Bobby Green may no longer be fighting Donald Cerrone at UFC 178 (because of this), but that hasn't stopped him from lashing out at the 155-pound "Cowboy" for his alleged behavior at last month's UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"King" unloads during the MMA Hour:

"Obviously, I had some bad blood with Cerrone, but I'm a company dude, you know? I was originally meant to face Abel Trujillo, then I get a fight with Masvidal and then Cerrone. It felt like I was getting rag dolled. I'm the little guy, this doesn't happen to Jones or Cerrone. I'm just trying to get money. I'm good. Cerrone feels like he is untouchable, he is just the most obnoxious asshole I've ever met. He was so rude and all that, saying 'you don't want to strike with me' and all that. He said some racist stuff, like 'you know how black people like to steal,' and this was in front of like loads of people. I was laughing it off, but the real dude inside of me was like 'I don't let that shit slide.' He was being obnoxious, he was groping every woman in this place. They got husbands and boyfriends and he was just groping these girls in front of them. He was grabbing these girls' asses like 'what are they gonna do to me.' He disrespected me and I really don't like him now. It's my time to get even with him."

Cerrone was pulled from his Green fight to welcome Eddie Alvarez to the promotion (details).

Green (23-5) was last seen taking a split decision win over Josh Thomson at the UFC on FOX 12 event in San Jose, California. Turning away "The Punk" marked his eighth straight win and undoubtedly puts him in line for bigger and better opportunities inside the cage.


But regardless of who he fights next, it sounds like "Cowboy" will remain in his crosshairs.